Science + Spirit = YOU

(How many ways can I address Polarity & what I do with it? The experiment lives.)… 🙂

Life is all about polarities & the attraction &/or repulsion of opposites, which in turn drive their movement. We aim for higher-self virtues, but sometimes get stuck in a lower groove, the effects of which takes us off-center: Past & future, love & hate, anger & forgiveness, giving & receiving, pride & humility, excess & simplicity, chaos & stability, abandonment & enmeshment, introvert & extrovert, sickness & health, life & death, courage & fear, happy & sad, work & rest, gravity & levity, autonomy & community…Just to name a few.

One has to be constantly vigilant, to prevent one polarization from over-taking the other. Even a positive thing, like (worldly) love, can be detrimental in the extreme when it’s needy & suffocates the other. “Everything in moderation”, as my dad used to say. Striking the middle ground is our target area & then rising above, in a way most spiritual, is our goal. “We’re only human, right?” Well, “only human” with God-potential to rise much, much higher.

God/Soul/Spirit-Consciousness expresses itself through us in the subtle life-energy which enters in at conception & gives us animation throughout our lifetime. Life-energy is what organizes, creates & sustains our mind, emotions & physical body. This is played out by Spirit following same the laws of Science & Nature. These are the same laws which govern the Universe: Fields of polarized electro-magnetic energy, principles of non-quantum physics, systems theory & the fundamental forces.

“The Human Body is the Interface Between Science & Spirit!!” ~ Maggie Begley

Subtle Energy is the foundation of our psychological, physiological, biochemical & structural health & well-being, as well as personal & spiritual growth. It is the blueprint of our life, so why not start there? The FF protocols Dr. Metz & I use are designed to unblock & balance the subtle polarized life-energies, according to the clients needs at that time. The if, when, & at what rate this occurs is very individual & can’t be forced. As practitioners we facilitate, but progress is dictated by the patient’s own receptivity & innate intelligence. Hand-contacts are made on various reflex points on the client’s body via those used in Polarity Therapy, Ayurveda, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupuncture Meridian Therapy, & Cranio-sacral Therapy. This is done in a specific sequence, tailor-made & in real-time. Energy is dynamic, constantly changing, as is the client & we with their treatment.

“Energy Is Dynamic & So Are We!” ~ Maggie Begley

At the moment, my main clientele seems to be persons who have [previously unexplained] chronic or terminal illness, including cancer, chemical sensitivities & emotional challenges. Dr. Metz & I provide relief, prevention & maintenance, help with chemo detox, pain reduction, & often get to deeper causative or other contributing factors. And, last but certainly not least: Oh so, so gently I provide gentle loving care & tender touch that nurtures. As one of my frail weekly clients recently stated, “This is my oasis, the only time I get to really rest, be touched & listened to. All of the cells in my body just soak it up”. That’s worth coming to work for…. ❤


Finally, ending on a lighter more formal note, follow the links below to test your knowledge of Science & Religion, respectively. Remember, after all, Religion has its roots in Spirit!

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I Value The Creative Force In All Its Expression: Arts & Culture, Personal Growth & Healing. I Offer Advanced Energy Medicine; Tailored Sessions Honoring Each Uniquely Spirited Soul. Distance Healing is Now My Focus.
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2 Responses to Science + Spirit = YOU

  1. Renee Crevelli says:

    HI Maggie, I wanted to read your “5644” post but can not get to it when I click on “read more of this post” OR when I cut and past the address into the search thingy.


    • Hi Renee! Thank you for the feedback…Yes, I was posting late at night & hit the wrong button, so I published prematurely. The link that came to your inbox is bogus, since I erased the unfinished product. However, you should just be able to come to the home page of this blog & read it that way. Or, by going to my Spirited Soul FB Page & following the link from there. Let me know if it works! Sorry for the inconvenience! Geez! As I say, “Bumbling is Humbling!”


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