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Valuing The Creative Force In All Its Expression: Arts and Culture, Personal Growth and Healing. Offering Advanced Energy Medicine: Tailored Sessions Honoring Each Uniquely Spirited Soul.

Spirituality, personal growth & healing, nature, culture, creativity… Energy is where it’s at!

Greetings to you, from me Maggie, & welcome to my blog, The Spirited Soul. I try to post something at least once a month, give or take, depending on available time. As you will see, the evolution of the internet has allowed me a small vicarious fulfillment of my dreams. Growing up I wanted to be a traveling photo-journalist, perhaps working for the Peace Corps? Other options I considered were: catholic nun, homemaker, postal carrier, forest ranger, weather caster, & later, nutritionist, massage therapist, chef, restauranteur, B & B owner, museum curator, primatologist, ethnologist. Eclectic, yet thematic. As you can tell I’m no spring chick’n, AND I’m still kickin’…

About The Spirited Soul:

Since I’ve named my site The Spirited Soul, it makes sense that I would let you in on my definition of terms:

SPIRIT = Our unique personality attached to this body, this lifetime. Spirit is all about attitude. Ideally we HAVE Spirit. We are Spirited!

SOUL = Our unique little piece of God-Self, which is attached to our mortal body while we are in it, giving it animation in this life/lives to come.  It retains wisdom & lessons learned, but not specific memory of details.  Our Soul & its Divine Origin are immortal & everlasting.  We ARE Soul. We are Soul-Full!

I believe both are of Divine Origin, & are part & parcel of Universal Love & Knowledge.  The Universal Life-Energy that flows from above, into & out of our bodies, circulating in prescribed pathways, is what creates, organizes & sustains our physical body, giving us LIFE. WE are the interface where God, Soul, Spirit, Mind & Body come together in Holy Union.  That makes us co-creators, co-procreators, & co-conspirators. That’s my story, & I’m stickin’ to it.

Thus, what I enjoy most is anything related to the “spirited-soulful-ness” of the human condition.  The endless ways in which that inherent energy is creatively expressed is what I like to call the Emergent Divine. Investigating & exploring that human potential is what excites me.

In 1990 I received a B.A. in Anthropology, which relates nicely to the Energy Work I do now. Anthropology is the study of humankind: physical, biological, linguistic & cultural (learned & shared behavior). These are several examples of anthropologists that have done interesting things with their lives and education:  Jane Goodall was the first to study chimpanzees in the wild & now 50 years later is an endangered species activist with her own Jane Goodall Institute  She is actually the one who made me want to study anthropology; Helen Fisher, Ph.D. (of the Chemistry.com dating service), came up with  4 personality types for testing and compatibility matching; Ralph Blum, co-author of the book The Healing Runes did graduate work in anthropology at Harvard, took his knowledge into the healing profession, focusing on an ancient oracular tradition & form of communication known as Runes; and finally, Martin Gray, anthropologist & National Geographic photographer, created, Sacred Earth, making his joint passions come together in a beautiful book of tribute.

Advanced Energy Medicine is as comprehensive as Anthropology.  It sees connections within the human experience.  Energy Medicine considers Subtle Energy to be that which pervades all physical creation & is the blueprint beneath it.  (As implied, I consider it Divine in Essence).  Both are inclusive ways of viewing & understanding human beings & our link to the different realms of existence.  I guess you could call Energy Medicine a sort of philosophical anthropology, which is the study of the nature & essence of humankind.  (I don’t remember studying that in school, so I’ll have to do some research on it & get back to you, or you can get back to me ).  Obviously, because of the premise underlying both disciplines, there is plenty of room for everyone & everything.  (I’m basically giving myself carte blanche to talk about whatever I like …).

About Maggie: 

Currently I am self-employed as an Fundamental Field® Therapist (& Associate Polarity Practitioner). I’m working with my mentor Dr. Richard Metz, offering holistic healthcare at our Center for Advanced Energy Medicine, based on his Fundamental Field Theory.  The name of my business is called Maggie Begley Energetic Evaluation & Bodywork.  My own personal healing is, & has been, a priority for me.  As a result, I feel very accepting, empathetic, compassionate, & qualified to do the work I do, because I have lived it first hand.  I have been one of Dr. Metz’ patients since 1992; worked as his Office Manager for 7 years; & have been his colleague since 2005.

I feel I can relate to a lot of things because of my life experiences and challenges, good and bad, both in far and recent past.  In spite of this, or maybe I should say because of it, I consider myself extremely open-minded, non-judgemental & optimistic.  I am curious, creative, expressive, silly, playful, serious, surface, deep, pragmatic, realistic, committed, conscientious, nurturing, encouraging, affirming, easy-going.  But, can be tightly wound, verbose (no?!), elusive & reclusive, straightforwardly honest, strident, strong in my convictions, detail-oriented, obsessive-compulsive, perfectionist, sometimes vain & self-absorbed.

It would make sense to people who believe in such things, that in Western Astrology, I am a Libra, with Sagittarius Rising, a Pisces Moon, Venus in Scorpio & have several planets in Virgo.  I’m also considered a Serpent in Chinese astrology; a Vata-Pitta dosha in Indian Ayurveda; mostly an Observer by the Enneagram; a Highly Sensitive Person via author Elaine Aron, Ph.D.; a Negotiater per Chemistry.com; & am predominantly working on Ether issues according to Polarity Therapy.  Also, for those who are interested…on the Meyers-Briggs Test Indicator (MBTI) based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung (a test used by many professional institutions and businesses), my personality is considered to be an Introverted-Sensate-Feeling-Perceiver (ISFP). 

The above knowledge, acquired & organized by long-range cumulative experience, signifies revered belief systems common in ancient cultural traditions, for good reason.  Though those beliefs can be superstitiously based at times, & I’m sure there’s a detriment inherent in a few…if they weren’t helpful they wouldn’t still be in use, in many cases having survived being taken ‘underground’ to hide from oppressors.  That survival tells us something about the power of belief & the human spirit as well.  So don’t be afraid to investigate the possibilities. Make sure that you are free to pick & choose. (I am finally embracing who I am, bit by bit. LOL, can’t you tell? After all, isn’t that what getting older is all about? Never say never. We’ll never be any younger than we are right this second). These labels I’ve chosen for myself don’t define me (or anyone); I resonate with them, & thus can use what they offer as an insightful way into self-understanding, & you can too.  The traits I used in description of myself are reflected by the subsequent ‘diagnoses’ upon which each system places their focus & understanding within their given framework.

Like with disease, our traits are commensurate with a grouping of symptoms based on energy-patterns. The energy patterns are not static, neither are the ‘diseases’ nor the categories into which we place ourselves. Energy is fluid. It works it way up & around, in & out of obstacles. It eventually rises to the top when freed from the energies of our Lower Self. Higher Self is a constant & patient teacher, awaiting our full habitation. 

Always remember:  Energy is dynamic, & so are we!

(Last edited 4/27/19)

5 Responses to About Maggie & The Spirited Soul

  1. contoveros says:

    From one HSP to another: Howdy.

    They tell me I’m an extravert, but I feel the opposite at most times. I guess I’ve forced myself to be more assertive all of my life.

    In other words, I fake it.

    michael j


    • Most of my client’s are sensitive too. HSPs are indeed kindred spirits. Again, no accidents! We often compensate by acting differently than who we truly are, as a form of coping or protection. Most everyone would peg me as an extrovert, when in reality, I get my energy recharged best by spending time alone. I do think that is partly my temperament, but I’ve learned that both the introversion and sensitivity have more to do with my ether/throat chakra issues, abandonment & overwhelm from a form of PTSD (i.e. my father’s death). I am much “improved”, meaning got rid of some of the uncomfortable bits, while still maintaining the things I do appreciate about being a sensitive soul. This right here is a huge step in my healing journey, putting myself OUT in cyberspace, a way that’s a perfect testing ground for an introverted HSP). 🙂


  2. Amy MacLeod says:

    Hi Maggie,
    Have just subscribed to your intriguing blog. The various articles I read are of great interest to me.

    I share your attitude of acceptance and gratitude. Most days. Today, for some reason, I feel overwhelmed that the very people I’d love to have tea with live somewhere else. I’m wrestling with taunting and teasing technology.

    Glad you exist. Glad to be connected. May you have every success in your venture.
    – Amy


    • Dear Amy, I’m so excited to have you here with me, virtually, and that I can be of help in any way. The support is mutual. We gotta stick together and cheer each other on. Thank you for your best wishes for me. I’m still getting used to the whole thing, as I’ve said (especially technology and my “new” career path). You never know where Life is going to take you. Our scope as humans is usually limited to what we can imagine. And there is so much more than that. So I continue to hand it over to the Source who knows ALL the
      LIMITLESS possibilities, that are just
      right for me. We just need to walk
      through our fears and struggles, gently
      and gingerly, trusting that even if we
      don’t understand it, surrendering to the
      Divine Flow always has our Highest Good as it’s goal. We have so much right
      here and now to be grateful for, warts
      and all! Blessings to you Amy,
      🙂 Maggie


  3. neeraj Kaushik says:

    Good stuff

    Liked by 1 person

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