Energy Resonance (4 Scans)

The Clients of myself & Dr. Metz don’t often realize that there are FOUR separate & distinct types of Energetic Resonance Evaluation (Scanning) / Intuitive Medicine approaches in our arsenal:

  1. Presenting-Issue Scan: Exploring an ‘energetic diagnostic’, so to speak. What’s happening with you on a subtle energetic level? Sometimes the thing you’re most conscious of isn’t what comes up first in our evaluation, or at all. This is because: You’re already conscious of it; what you are experiencing are symptoms; &/or there’s a more pressing issue at hand than that what which you are already aware.
  2. Challenge Scan: Asking of a specific question about a specific item, ache/pain, or life concern to see what may be causing or contributing to that problem specifically.
  3. Bodywork Treatment-Protocol Scan (per ‘Element of Interest’): Determining the course of your treatment based on your Element of Interest, which is the key point of interaction between client & practitioner at this time. The practitioner attends to directing & facilitating the movement of energy in your system. Your own system (your own Innate Intelligence), then does triage on what it needs first & in what order; we resonate with that when determining your treatment protocol. We treat the whole system to effect specific parts. Therefore, what you came in for, &/or something unpredictable, can arise & be helped, as our system is interrelated and interactive.
  4. Client-Empowerment Scan: Suggesting a short- &/or longer-term course of action (or non-action!), to be enacted  by the client. This is where personal responsibility & self-empowerment enters, by giving you clues as to what you can do to help yourself stay in balance, based on what your energy is choosing to reveal to us at this time & space.

~ Remember, Energy is dynamic & so are we! ~

 Myself & Dr. Metz may or may not employ all of these for you with every visit, it depends on what you came in for & what your system presents to us. If you are receiving Bodywork, #3 will always be referenced. Maggie’s sessions usually include #3 only, unless more time is available/arranged.

(Energetic Therapy is not a substitute for medical care. For medical diagnosis, monitoring & treatment of such conditions, please consult your physician/psychologist).

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