Art’s the One

As I was getting ready to go to sleep tonight, I pulled the book Archangels & Ascended Masters, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, from my bedside table. Nestled under my covers, I opened to page 27, Archangel Jophiel. Her name means “beauty of God” and she is known as the “Patron of Artists” (Judeo-Christian).

You may know how much I love angels and artists. What you may not know is how much I’ve allowed myself to worry, as of late. I’ve barely engaged my creative self since a year ago, before my mom took a step down in her vascular dementia. This was one of my last fun projects: Maggie’s Begley’s Paintings ~ My 1st Montage.

I imagine Jophiel was pleased. She must be when she sees us dare to take a dip in the creative flow and with it, merge. Those who’ve experienced the intense vulnerability of opening spirit and exposing soul, along with the exhilarating freedom of reckless abandon…know how such merging moments feel. It is powerful to lose one’s self. Often in retrospect we say, “I did that?!” “No YOU di’int!”.

I was made happy by reading Jophiel’s entry and was so inspired by this quote, I am compelled to share it here with you:

“Worry never helped anything, so why turn to it during times of need? It won’t nurture you or heal you–quite the opposite, actually. It’s so much better to put the effort into something creative as a way to quietly meditate through positive action. Create, create, create! In this way, you mirror God’s own creativity. That’s why you feel closest to God when you’re fully engaged in writing, speaking, and other creative projects.”

And may I add, by feeling closer to God, we can also feel closer to our own intuitive voice, which comes from above and within.


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