Destination, Integration

There are 3 Aspects of Energy Integration, Based on Fundamental Field® Therapy (FFT):

  • Energy Resonance Evaluation ~ Scanning / Intuitive Medicine: Conducted within the scope of Dr. Metz & my intellectual framework of knowledge, as well as our own intuitive/personal framework as practitioners. (What we ask & how we frame it is key to the answer outcome). Ours IS a comprehensive framework, but obviously we cannot account for every possibility in the universe, you help fill in the details. The closest match between our framework & your energetic system is what creates the resonance that we feel with our minds & hands (i.e., tuning into a radio station, or doing a google search for a key word on the internet).
  • Energy Awareness ~ Dialogue / Reflection: Practitioner-Client directed / Personal awareness & reflection on past-present-future connections & wholeness.
  • Energy-Balancing Touch ~ Bodywork / Hands-on Therapy: The most valuable component towards effecting change, non-verbally no less. It supports us in our present state, until we are ready for deeper healing & is ultimately what brings our unconscious to light, illuminating our shadows, so that we can heal our dissociated parts. Fundamental Field Therapy combines many modalities, theoretically, into one.

When our system is not operating at its full potential, it’s because our vital energies aren’t functioning optimally. Excess &/or deficiency in any area compromises the blueprint of our entire subtle energetic system (i.e., when a car battery goes dead, or a circuit breaker blows a fuse, it is due to an excess of electrical power which then results in a deficiency. The 3 Poles often act as back-up generators for one another, & that’s when we can get into trouble, if let gone on too long it will show up physically / mentally / emotionally…it has to go somewhere!). As with other electrical systems, the free-flow of Life-Energy is essential to our operation; our health & well-being. Myself & Dr. Metz use his Fundamental Field® Therapy (FFT) to aid you in this process.

We feel our best when our energies are supplying needed healing Life-Energy all the 5 Levels, to each of the Elemental Chakras, in each of the 3 Poles. These are individual energy fields unto themselves, which effect one another, & when unbalanced can distort other areas of the system (i.e., anger can throw your back out).

The 5 Levels of Vibration, throughout all the Poles & Elements, are:

  1. Psychology (Ether)
  2. Motion (Air)
  3. Physiological Motivation / Natural Bodily Urges (Fire)
  4. Biochemistry (Water)
  5. Structure (Earth)

Myself & Dr. Metz treat everything energetically to facilitate your body’s own healing. The body has the capacity to heal itself when its energy is in a more balanced state. Our FFT Protocol is designed to be the most efficient & effective way to address your whole system & its various problems at once, to bring your Element of Interest closer to a Neutral-Complexity State. FFT does this by integrating in a certain order, energetic pathways, & the subsystems of Cranio-Sacral/facial, Jin Shin, Chinese Meridian, Chakras Systems of Ayurveda & Polarity Therapy into one FFT method.

Sore spots we may encounter along the way represent blocked parts of our energy field. They are points of interaction with other things, such as the Levels in the larger Field. Each of these Levels (Psychology, Motion, Physiology, Biochemistry & Structure) are actually energy fields on their own. They transverse the whole body, creating reflex points that we often notice as sore spots. These denote an area of confluence energy field patterns which are unique & can be as complex as you! Breathe into it & focus on what your body might be trying to communicate to you.

Most likely you will feel better & more relaxed post-session: If you feel the same as before, it may be that you would’ve felt even worse in the days to come had you not received treatment. If you do feel worse, it may be that you are experiencing a healing crisis, the processing/release of old blockages. Or, something else came along once you left the office that decompensated you – such as a virus, a bad night’s sleep, &/or a stressor. If your situation doesn’t clear out, you may need to readjust your mindset / lifestyle / come back in to see myself &/or Dr. Metz for a follow-up visit sooner than planned.

Remember Energy is Dynamic, & So Are We!

Ever-changing. Progress at Work. 

(Energetic Therapy is not a substitute for medical care. For medical diagnosis, monitoring & treatment of such conditions, please consult your physician/psychologist).

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