FF: A Model Pipe-Cleaner

Dr. Metz, my mentor & colleague, goes old-school-science-project in construction of the above model. (When in doubt, pipe-cleaners to the rescue! I love a simple visual, hand-crafted & color-coded)!

According to his Fundamental Field® Theory, our energetic system is organized like a large-scale atom. In the above model:

  • Red represents the proton component, The Positive Pole;
  • Green represents the neutron component, The Neutral Pole; &
  • Blue represents the electron component, The Negative Pole.

In the hands-on application of the Theory, called Fundamental Field® Therapy, these well-known modalities are incorporated holistically into one. In the above model: 

  • Red denotes reflex points associated with Cranio-Sacral & Chiropractic Therapies;
  • Green denotes reflex points associated with Chinese Acupuncture & Jin Shin Jyutsu Points & Meridian Therapies; &
  • Blue denotes reflex points associated with Indian Ayurvedic & Modern Polarity Therapies of the Elemental Chakra System.

When an issue has transversed this landscape, via all three Poles, it has successfully made the healing circuit.  A three-fer bargain…such a deal; your health & well-being could be the Grand-Prize Winner. 🙂