Life-Energy: Earth & How It Relates To You (#1 of 5)

The Earth Element is the densest of the five elemental energies in the Negative Pole of the Fundamental Field. It is associated with the #1/Root Chakra at the base of the spine at the coccyx, low back, abdomen, adrenal glands (stress response), the neck, knees, pinky fingers and toes. Astrologically, it is associated with the Earth Signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo natures. Earth Signs will be more vulnerable to Earth issues. Fundamental Field Theory/Therapy applies to animals as well. Your pets have their own problems, and like children, they are energetic sponges for what’s going on around them, in their caretakers’ lives.

The Root Chakra encompasses the issues of career, money, the basic necessities of life and survival. Any depleting activity in this chakra, be it emotional, mental or physical, will affect these areas in particular, as well as your entire system. For example, if you are worried about money, or your house, or your job, it may show up physically as low back pain. The physical can also affect the emotional, so if you are doing things that are stressing your low back, this might make you susceptible to feeling more vulnerable about finances. This is how the mind-body connection works.

Ways to keep Earth in balance is by tuning in to: the color red; slowing down, steadiness, structure, security and groundedness; low droning sounds (like listening to or making a drumbeat); your sense of smell; the art of aromatherapy, sculpture and gardening; weight-bearing exercise, such as rock-climbing; sweet tastes and eating foods that grow below the ground (roots and tubers, like potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, garlic, and jicama). The key is to not under-do or over-do anything.

On the Psychological Level the Earth Element is associated with fear, worry, insecurity, greed, courage and generosity; on the Level of Motion, the energy is contracted; on the Level of Physiological Motivation it is associated with digestion, elimination in particular; on the Level of Biochemistry it is associated with the blood, and issues of food, allergies, sickness or diseases (including cancer), that affect the Earth reflex areas; and on the Level of Structure it is associated with bones and joints.

If you have problems with any of these things, it could be due to blockages in these particular areas, or at any point in the system which reflexes to these areas. Dr. Metz/myself would determine that by using what Dr. Metz calls “Energy Resonance”, which is a felt sense, not necessarily a psychic or intuitive one. It’s like tuning a guitar to a pitch pipe, you can hear and feel the resonance, whether the two are in tune or not. Anyone can develop this skill with practice.

Similarly, we scan your system with a question in mind, and we can feel the resonant pull of energy when we’re in sync with the question. For instance, we could ask, “What is the energy in the system currently dealing with that is most urgent?” We might run the hand along the body, and feel a resonance when we get to the adrenal glands. That would pose another set of questions, such as: “Is this person stressed and by what? What is draining the energy there? Too much worry? Too much sugar? Too little rest?”

After information is gathered, through these means and discussion with the client, bodywork can then begin. There is another set of questions that helps direct the customized protocol, but intuition is now the best way to treat the energetic system, being that it is interconnected in ways that are complex and not linear. The client’s system takes in the energy being radiated by the polarity of the practitioner’s hands (like jumper cables to a battery). With the intention and attention of the practitioner towards “Highest Good”, the client’s own innate intelligence does triage and sends the energy to where it’s needed most.

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