Your Chakras and You. (It’s not so spooky).

Magnetic Flows of Polarity Therapy (Images via Google)

The Five Elemental Chakras of Polarity Therapy ~ The Negative Pole of the Fundamental Field

© 2003, 2010 by Maggie Begley

It has long been held by many ancient traditions of the world that universal Life-Energy comes from a spiritual source which pervades all creation. This spiritual energy enters and exits the body through the forehead at what is referred to as the “third eye”. It then flows outward and downward into the body, in prescribed pathways, giving it animation. According to Dr. Richard Metz, the pattern which arranges this subtle Life-Energy, organizing matter into the forms and functions of life, is called the “Fundamental Field® (of Advanced Energy Medicine)”This Field has three major Poles:  Positive, Neutral, and Negative. The Fundamental Field of Life-Energy encompasses the entire mind/emotions (both conscious and unconscious), body and spirit of each individual. What is known as Polarity Therapy (developed in the 1950’s by Dr. Randolph Stone) primarily addresses the energy flowing through the body, at its midline. This is considered by Dr. Metz to represent the Negative Pole of the Fundamental Field. All of the information here is based on Dr. Metz’ theory, which has taken Dr. Stone’s vision of Polarity Therapy to the next level.

At the Negative Pole of the Fundamental Field, the energy criss-crosses, creating the caduceus, which in turn houses five distinct Chakra Centers. These Chakra Centers are like large-scale electrons, each with a negative electrostatic charge, and as they spin they create the subtle magnetic fields of the body. In doing so, each Chakra gives rise to a different Element. Each Element then, is a manifestation of polarized subtle Life-Energy vibrating at different frequencies within the body, thus affecting it in different ways.

The Polarity Therapy Elements/Chakras are known as: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. (They are not the same as the Acupuncture Elements/Chakras: Metal, Fire, Wood, Earth, and Water. Those are part of the Neutral Pole of the Fundamental Field and have different functions/associations). The majority of energy blocks are here in the Negative Pole Chakras, the storehouse of mostly unconscious emotional energy that we’ve developed since conception. This unconscious energy is what drives our Conscious Mind, the Positive Pole, and helps to form the attitudes, beliefs, conflicts and stresses we experience as a result. Any issue (such as abuse, abandonment, need and/or enmeshment) with a person, place and/or thing, can affect any Chakra. We may feel discomfort in our body, mind, or emotions, but most of us aren’t in touch with how they are connected. If we were aware of the deeper causes and connections, we wouldn’t have the problem. The first step is to grasp our issues intellectually and to understand, at least conceptually. The rest will follow naturally as it should in due time, as determined by our system. How much bodywork a person needs usually correlates with how much psychological energy is tied up in the problem. Sometimes the bodywork is done first to get the energy moving in the right direction, and sometimes changes in lifestyle need to come first in order to change the energy. (That would be determined prior to, or upon your consultation/visit).

All five Elements exist within all five of the Chakras. Like a yummy layered cake, each piece of the cake has five levels within in it. So, in each Chakra piece we have a ‘layer’ of each of the five Elemental Levels of energy. Per Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field Theory:

Ether represents the Level of Psychology.

Air is the Level of Motion.

Fire is the Level of Physiological Motivation.

Water is Level of Biochemistry.

Earth is the Level of Structure.

Every Element exists within every cell of our body (for more information on anatomy/physiology click here); however, the following are some of the predominant reflex associations/reflex areas for each Element:

Ether/#5 Throat Chakra: Communication, self-expression, self-worth, acceptance, acknowledgement, connection with spirit, identity, space, boundaries, time, travel, organization and ambiance. Grief. Pride and jealously. Humility. Expansiveness, openness, stillness, silence. The sense of hearing, the art of music and Feng Shui, the color blue, the gemstone Moonstone. Reflex areas: Neck, throat, mouth, teeth, ears, face, hair, skin, joints, thyroid, body cavities, the midline, thumbs and big toes. Auto-immune system, sensitivity, addiction and sleep disorders. Foods: Blue food, such as Blueberries, as well as uplifting (comfort) food, presented artfully, in a beautiful setting.

Air/#4 Heart Chakra: Love, affection, emotional and mental support, desires of the heart. Passing judgment. Sadness and disappointment. Envy. Compassion, charity and empathy. Movement, gentleness, lightness, quickness, mental acuity (being too “in your head” or “air-headed”). High-pitched, fast sounds, the sense of touch, the art of dance, the color green, the gemstone Emerald. Slender-build/wiry body types. (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius natures). Reflex areas: Tops of shoulders, thymus, mid-back, kidneys, calves, ankles, index fingers and toes. Nervous, respiratory, circulatory and immune systems. Foods: Green food and food that grows 6 feet or more above ground (fruits, seeds, nuts), sour tastes.

Fire/#3 Solar Plexus Chakra: Personal power, control, authority, will. Vitality and enthusiasm. Transformations. Anger, rage, frustration and resentment. Overwork and physical exertion. Forgiveness. Expansiveness, brightness, warmth. Loud and staccato sounds, the sense of sight, the art of painting, the color yellow, the gemstone Coral. Medium-build, muscular/athletic body types. (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius natures). Reflex areas: Forehead, eyes, solar plexus, liver, pancreas, umbilicus, thighs, middle fingers and toes. Metabolism and digestive system (absorption). Stress response (head – Conscious Mind). Foods: Yellow foods or foods growing 2-6 feet above the ground (grains, legumes, seeds), bitter tastes.

Water/#2 Sacral Chakra: Bonding, physical nurturing, home-life/family, being parented and parenting. Attachment and letting go. Lust and gluttony. Creativity, sexuality, sensuality, emotional acuity. Fluidity, flowing, smoothness. Smooth and slow sounds, the sense of taste, the art of cuisine and cooking, the color orange, the gemstone Pearl. Rounded/overweight body types. (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces natures). Reflex areas: Breasts, chest, shoulder blades, pelvic and sacral areas, bladder, feet, secretory glands, ring fingers and toes. Reproductive, immune and lymphatic systems. Foods: Growing from ground-level to 2 feet (leafy vegetables, melons, cucumber, squash, orange foods), salty tastes.

Earth/#1 Root Chakra: Basic survival (material needs: career, money, food, clothing, shelter, possessions). Fear and greed. Insecurity and worry. Courage and generosity. Slow, steady, secure, grounded, structured, crystallized. Deep, droning sounds, the sense of smell, the art of aromatherapy and sculpture, the color red, the gemstone Ruby. Thick neck, large-build, strong body types. (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn natures). Reflex areas: Neck, adrenals, coccyx, knees, pinky fingers and toes. Digestive (elimination) and bones/skeletal systems. Stress response (adrenal). Foods: Growing below the ground (tubers and root vegetables), sweet tastes.

So as you can see, even though we categorize things so that we can understand them better, that does not mean they are independent from one another. We often try to break complex things down into parts, but in reality every one and every thing is intra- and inter-connected, as well as intra- and inter-dependent, including our own selves!!

(Last edited 7/14/13).

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3 Responses to Your Chakras and You. (It’s not so spooky).

  1. souldipper says:

    How to successfully tackle a highly complex subject, Maggie. All chakras, like all living things, are not only interconnected and associated, we all have somewhat of an issue within each one, I would assume. When I read through, I see a bit of me in each.

    Also, I also love your photos. The simplicity catches my eye and my soul.


    • Thanks Souldipper, and you are so right. Because of the “piece of cake” (the Chakras), coupled with “layers within the piece” (the Levels), the “whole cake” (our Energy System) is involved. If anything is “off”, it will affect the integrity of the cake as a whole…(Yum, I’m getting hungry :).

      An energetic trauma anywhere can effect everywhere in the system. It only takes ONE intense block to lead to a MULTI-plexity of “symptoms” throughout a system that can disable a person mentally/physically, sometimes permanently if left untended. Also, NUMEROUS blockages, or factors, can interact in complex ways to produce ONE or more symptoms — some are purposeful and some as a consequence.

      Dr. Metz is training me to do what he does, which is to use “Energy Resonance” to read a person’s Energetic System. He can tell you where the blocks are, and how they are interacting to cause you problems (sometimes these are compensations and/or reflex areas that become involved).

      I already am fully confident in my Bodyworker abilities, since it not only requires knowledge and proper intention, but HUGELY depends on intuition and being able to feel and trust the resonance. This is the best way to approach and address a complex system. In other words, I know how to do the “unwinding”, but I can’t quite tell you how you got that way in the first place…yet.

      I hope I didn’t confuse you more…


      • P.S. Souldipper,
        Regarding my photos, thank you Amy! I’m glad you took a look. I LOVE hunting for things as they naturally occur and then capturing them with a photo. Amazingly, 90% of the photos on my Flickr site were taken with my iphone.

        I once wanted to be a “professional” photographer, but couldn’t be bothered with all that “technical stuff” cramping my style…This is the next best, wonderful thing…my own on-line home where I can publish myself immediately! 🙂


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