Today’s “Note to Self” (Daily Default)

Being grateful does not mean being in denial, nor does it mean being a Pollyanna.  It is important to ACCEPT where we are at, wherever THAT is.

EVERYTHING that we feel is a valid part of who we are, in terms of how we have and do experience our world.  And, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

Positivity and gratitude should at least be given EQUAL time.  I think it takes more ENERGY to worry than it does to be in gratitude. Unfortunately, worry just comes easier sometimes, that is until we are able to create a new habit, an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE DEFAULT POSITION 🙂

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2 Responses to Today’s “Note to Self” (Daily Default)

  1. There is a book titled “Positivity” which lists 10 positive traits among which “gratitude” is one of them. The author, a psychologist, did studies that show a person can live up to 10 years longer and be in better health if they develop a three-to-one ratio of positive to negative feelings each day.

    Negative ones “spike” up, while positive feelings tend to flow laterally. But, just like the negative ones, we can “stretch out” the positive by simply dwelling on it longer, and — here’s the kicker — we can “build” other positive traits on them, one after another until the stronger base of positivity reaches almost as high as the “jolt” of an anger or fear might temporarily cause.

    Three to one. Now that’s something to be grateful for . . .


    michael j


  2. That is positively positive! (Sounds like a book that should be dog-eared and referenced often). I am grateful for your presence here, michael j.


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