Undivided We Stand

We are all entitled to our own belief systems, but I feel that we are required to respect others’ as well. I love diversity, the problem is a lack of tolerance. That, I think comes from xenophobia, an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners, or that which is foreign or strange. But don’t you think the world would be boring if we were all alike? Isn’t that why we go traveling in the first place? To experience new things? We were all born in a different place on this same planet, with values built-in to the mass national culture and our mini familial sub-culture.

I was raised a Catholic, in California, and have expanded my view to believe in a Divine God who is not divided up into various religions, which have been involved in politicized power-struggles throughout history.  All Teachers come to deliver the same basic message. Love. It’s the humans who muck it up, fighting over who is right. We don’t own God, God owns us. So why can’t we all share? Because we are human I suppose. If we were already godly, we wouldn’t be here working things out.

Most of what exists can’t be seen anyway, even Einstein said that. Therefore, I don’t believe that science has all the answers (yet); it’s much younger than spirituality. But I do think that science and spirituality are both valid forms of knowledge and can, and should, work together. Why all the disharmony?  More ethnocentric egos at play? (Our worldview applies to how we view science, as well as God).   There are plenty of Mystics and meditators throughout the ages who have proof that there is a God; that should not be so readily dismissed. The key is experience. One cannot really understand or believe in something until they’ve experienced it for themselves.

Questioning in the search for understanding, towards experience, is a noble endeavor. Yet, to do so is threatening to so many. Human beings are naturally fearful of the unknown. We are each on our own paths of discovery whatever that may or may not include for us. But I can say this: I don’t claim to know THE truth, but I claim to know MY truth…That’s what we are all striving for right?

God help me, I say! 🙂

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2 Responses to Undivided We Stand

  1. This was inspired by a comment to a post made by michael j, at his site, http://www.contoveros.wordpress.com.


  2. Furthermore, archaeologists have proven that everyone on the planet is from a common ancestor, in Africa. Underneath the skin, we are all Africans. We are all one; science supporting spirituality and spirituality supporting science…more evidence that it can be done.


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