One of Nature’s Great Artistes

I was watching a story on PBS’ Frontline last week about a 70-year-old painter named Mary Jo McConnell who travels to the remote rain forests of West Papua, New Guinea, to document the little decorative cubbies called “bowers”. Bowers are special structures created by a certain species of bird who has come to be known as the “Bower Bird”, a performance artist of sorts. (He can sing and dance too, all this to woo a mate).

Mary Jo pointed out that the bower opening always faces east and is always in a bright spot of the forest floor, so as to capture the best light for enhancing the collection of found objects. (The bird even knows the importance of lighting!!). It can take several years for a male to complete the thatched portion of its bower, but the stylings are continually reworked…daily, seasonally…until his goal is achieved, getting a female to enter.

Mary Jo described her fellow (bird) artists as each having their own unique style. (But of course they do!). She calls one of them “Andy Warhol” since he has an unusual penchant for collecting rubbish to adorn his rebel abode, in a “just so” kind of way. 🙂

She has a such a great deal of respect and admiration for these birds, and their human neighbors (all trying to cling to their natural way of life), that she couldn’t resist making the perilous journey to see them one more time, at least, and hopes for more.

The aesthetic leanings of this phenomenal bird blew my mind!! Who knew?? But then I’ve always felt that animals and children deserve a lot more credit than we give them, both artistically and spiritually.

The Divine Creator is the best artist by far…channeling through EACH and every ONE of US with such BEAUTIOUSNESS!!

For more go to the link: and/or go to my YouTube channel and see the video I found and posted there (one of the latest entries in my “Heartwarming” Playlist).

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4 Responses to One of Nature’s Great Artistes


    Now that’s authentic. Original.

    Don’t tell me you got it from somewhere else. I was flying by and couldn’t help but notice what a bright, shiny word protruded from your nest. Noticed other unique things about you, like your outlook on birds of all types of feathers, not to mention your love for all sentient beings included, gasp, those bi-pedal ones called humans.

    Will have to return to see what other treasures you might be gracing your little home with next post.

    michael j


  2. Micheal you are a gifted writer with all the right elements, meticulously placed, for maximum ejoyment and encouragement!


  3. Lynn Compas says:

    I took mom to the zoo this weekend and they had Bower Birds. They were so adorable! I didn’t see any nests except one replica that the zoo created. I’ll have to watch for that.


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