Centered At The Center

I’ve taken leave of my senses. They needed a break even before our parking lot repaving was put on the ‘to do’ list.

At times, one’s senses can be easily overwhelmed, even on a good day. Highly Sensitive Person (via Dr. Elaine Aron), Wounded Healer (a previous post of mine) types in the biz, such as myself, need to step back once in awhile to recoup from losses & consolidate gains. This is a common part of ongoing personal growth…by tending to ourselves we can better serve others. This urge to retreat & go internal is a centuries old proclivity by certain types of folks in every society.

Our modern culture doesn’t support or understand these things much. (See my previous post on the subject). Maybe it’s because this sort of inner dredging is only afflicted on a small percentage of the population, no matter the time or place? Again, the blessing-curse dichotomy.

This cosmic timing has also corresponded in part with our Center for Advanced Energy Medicine & Richard Metz Chiropractic Clinic joint office parking lot going under construction. A bit of non-relaxing ruckus has kept me at bay. I would have had to take time off anyway, & even though I’m on the edge (losing income & such), it also makes this an even greater test of faith.

I believe that when we’re doing our soul work, we will have our needs cared for while we’re at it, if only (& usually) by the hair of our chinny chin chin. (Now that I’m in my fifth decade, I am becoming more as one with that reference, lol). All for the Good, I must believe.

It pains me to have left my dear peeps in the lurch…I have to trust that there is a larger synchronicity, that God is capable of taking care of all of us at the same time, in a way only God could coordinate & accomplish.

It is only in the physical world that any Soul is distanced from another, or from our Source. Our Faith in a greater power simultaneously outside & within ourselves, is where we must ultimately build our strength & endurance.

As for the Energy Medicine Practice, for several years now we have had side-by-side office buildings. Dr. Metz in one & me (& seminars) in the other. Now that reconstruction is in process, personally AND professionally, I’m hoping for better days ahead.

May we all be centered at the Center!

God bless us, every one.

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I Value The Creative Force In All Its Expression: Arts & Culture, Personal Growth & Healing. I Offer Advanced Energy Medicine; Tailored Sessions Honoring Each Uniquely Spirited Soul. Distance Healing is Now My Focus.
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4 Responses to Centered At The Center

  1. contoveros says:

    I like the term “Wounded Healer.”

    Now, I’ll have to go check the post you did before.;

    Sometime after breakfast and when the construction in my head stops from my drinking a little too much wine the night before.

    Michael J

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, Michael J, I didn’t coin the phrase but I like it too. There’s a video I included in that post. Not mine, but I usually like a little music or visuals to enhance the post experience. (: Maybe you should compare a now & then experience. (;


  3. Someone had to say it, lol.


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