Contemplations for the Spirit (#11)

Random Card Draw:
Harmony ~ Flexibility ~ Power

When we experience a wave of Harmony, inside & out, Ego recedes with the tide.

We are made to be flexible. Flexibility allows us to bend like a reed with the natural ebb & flow of the current, as well as in times of drought & flood.

Our Power is found in surrendering to something that is bigger than our own limitations. Letting go of the need to feel in control, while remaining grounded in fertile soil…This is where our Spirit can flourish & our Soul can grow.

(These little cards you see above appeared in my life via my mother. Originator of the deck is unknown. I give such person credit, nonetheless).

About The Spirited Soul And Life-Energy Dynamics ©

I Value The Creative Force In All Its Expression: Arts & Culture, Personal Growth & Healing. I Offer Advanced Energy Medicine; Tailored Sessions Honoring Each Uniquely Spirited Soul. Distance Healing is Now My Focus.
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2 Responses to Contemplations for the Spirit (#11)

  1. Renee Crevelli says:

    Lovely definitions, Maggie. You are in my thoughts. I know you’re going though a challenging time right now ;-( Keep the beautiful teachings of these card in your mind and heart . . . harmony, flexibility and power.

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    • Thank you, Renee for your connection here & your encouragement. Yes, my poor momma (myself & our family). Dementia is especially insidious to be a part of. (In total, it’s been about 15 years now!).

      As I drew these cards, I was/am feeling like I’m immobilized in the mud & am underwater. I tried to take the higher advice that was being presented…& posted in the hope that someone else could also feel hope.

      I’m not good for much else, so luckily my work is a saving grace…For a time I can put myself aside…be grounded & flow with the client who’s presented to me for help. And as Dr. Stone said (the founder of Polarity Therapy): “Give a treatment, get a treatment.”


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