Contemplations for the Spirit (#10)

Random Card Draw:
Transformation ~ Tenderness ~ Simplicity

As we go through the shape-shifting of deep, healing Transformation, may we show ourselves the same gentle Tenderness we would afford a fragile newborn. In this time of birth & rebirth, may we approach our internal & external lives with the uncluttered focus of Simplicity.

(These little cards you see above appeared in my life via my mother. Originator of the deck is unknown. I give such person credit, nonetheless. Photo by Maggie Begley).

Hmmm, the synchronicity of a ‘random’ card draw, so in line with Lent, & the Vernal Equinox. This season before Easter, & the onset of Spring, presents a prime opportunity for taking stock & regrouping, an invitation to formally retreat. We are encouraged to set aside downtime within the routine of daily responsibility.

We can retreat for a weekend by getting away to a supportive, contemplative venue; or, by reserving daily time & space within our own home. It is the supreme Spring cleaning. Regardless of where we do it, I realize that for most this break from worldly reality is rather a luxury, but for some it is a spiritual necessity. The reward, so to speak? Our angst carries with it unworldly blessings just ready & waiting to shed their disguise & claim their rightful place in our lives.

It is not uncommon to have Transformation foisted upon us, rather than being a choice we are given. It seems that each season of life calls for transition, often for which we are unprepared. Transition can be a super-charged catalyst for forced Transformation & vice-versa. (As is often the case, when it’s happened to me, I’ve felt I had no choice in the matter…except that I DID pray early on in my life for God to care for & direct me in ways everlasting. I wanted to cleanse, & thereby build up my soul, in a way that I could carry forth, not to pass this way again. Geez, as they say, be careful what you wish for! Lol).

I have learned in this journey that Tenderness & Simplicity are key, as the process of Transformation demands a huge dose of time & energy. Over & over, in stages, we die & bloom again. Growing pains are real as we slowly develop & redevelop, ultimately expressing our way outward. Like the babe in the womb, or the larva in the cocoon, may we build a strong foundation from which to burst forth & take flight. Follow the Light.

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3 Responses to Contemplations for the Spirit (#10)

  1. Renee Crevelli says:

    Beautiful, Maggie. This resonated with me. After the divorce, I entered one of those transformations that was “foisted upon me”. I am working on the “being patient with myself” part 🙂 Helpful imagery: “may we show ourselves the same gentle Tenderness we would afford a fragile newborn.”

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    • Thank you for engaging in the conversation, Renee. Patience is a super challenge! But it can work in the opposite way…being too patient to the point of destruction. Yes, the devastation of divorce is underestimated. It is a death, though no one died, per se. Death of our past, for sure, & finding our way to New Life. One of the most difficult & painful lessons in the life school. I feel for you.

      Also, yes…’Tenderness’. I really sat with that word too. I frequently use the word, ‘gentle’. However, the word ‘Tenderness’ spoke to me as well. It has a delicacy, a real heart quality to it. Sending some your way…


      • My friend, Christian, posted this on The Spirited Soul Facebook page the same day I was writing this post. Synchronicity strikes again.

        “I used to think that to become free you had to practice like a samurai warrior, but now I understand that you have to practice like a devoted mother of a newborn child. It takes the same energy but has a completely different quality. It’s compassion and presence rather than having to defeat the enemy in battle.” ~ Jack Kornfield


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