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As a catholic child with a progressive mother, I was exposed to the “laying on of hands” as a means to bring about healing. I often heard the prayer, “Where two or more are gathered in My name, I am there.” (Matthew 18:20).  There was a definite mystique to it, the joint intention and belief propelling things along. There is power inherent in communal belief, though God is ultimately in charge. Surrendering to the Creator’s will is what I pray for…all the minutia is irrelevant really. We are here to do our work of Spiritual Growth, and who but the Knower and the Doer can determine what’s best for us, and how to achieve it?

In my work as an energetic bodywork therapist, I communicate to the Universe my and my client’s attention to and intention for personal/spiritual growth, highest healing good, Divine protection and guidance to direct the session, with my hands and intuition as my instrument. The Life-Energy which flows into and throughout our bodies in prescribed pathways, is what animates us and is responsible for our well-being. It is part Soul- Energy. When Dr. Metz and I evaluate a person’s energetic system, we can do that at a distance, the client doesn’t even need to be in front of us physically. That’s because the body is a reflection of subtle Life-Energy, and the energy itself creates a resonance which can be sensed. That pattern of resonating energy contains thoughts, beliefs, emotions, as well as the subtle energy which is the foundation of  our biochemistry, physiology and structure. Prayers and positive healing intention/attention are forms of subtle Life-Energy as well, which can alter one’s and other’s energetic systems. Of course, when doing bodywork, it is best and most efficient to work on the physical body directly, through touch…One polarized system (the practitioner), interacting with another (the client), to move the energy along, thereby releasing stagnation of old dysfunctional patterns. The goal is to achieve integration and wholeness within the system, in all three poles. Remember, Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field Therapy bridges science and spirit. The physical body is the interface between the two:  Spirit follows the laws of science and nature by flowing through us in an organized pattern of polarized magnetic energy, the Fundamental Field Pattern of Life-Energy. 

As suggested in the comments by the author of this re-blog, SoulDipper, she recommends the movie The Living Matrix
as something of interest for us all to see. Apparently Dr. Larry Dossey in the video above was one of the producers. You are right SoulDipper! I have had this movie in my possession for quite a while now, and have yet to see it! Too many things going on for me at the moment, but it looks fascinating.

~ Maggie

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  1. souldipper says:

    Maggie, you may enjoy the movie this man had helped produce – The Living Matrix. I suspect it would be to your taste! 🙂


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