Guest Post Chantal Monte: Infinitely Awake and Already Free

Given the personal challenges that this Spirited Soul is going through at the moment, focusing on the mystical, pausing for stillness and connection, is even more important to me now.

I haven’t had much time or energy for blog posts, so today I decided to re-blog the post above, from a fellow kindred soul on WordPress. I thought pairing this entry with the quote below from a discussion on my Facebook page with my friend and supporter, Christian, was appropriate for today.

I had posted there: “Just because something can be explained scientifically, doesn’t make it any less mystical. In fact, for me it makes it more so. Science & Spirit are not mutually exclusive. They enhance one another, just as good partners should.”

Another friend asked me to define my meaning of the word “mystical”. I replied,Mystical, meaning: magical, mysterious, other-worldly, miraculous, brilliant…I was watching a very ethereal reflection of water in a glass shimmering and dancing on the ceiling. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought I was being visited by an unknown entity…then again, maybe I was…in reflected form. Just musing…”

And here was Christian’s response; too good to let slip by…

“Mystical is the unknown that encompasses all — matter, energy, space, love, nothing, waves — and the way that all interacts; it is at one and the same time the merging of one’s love with the fundamental organizational energy. The mystical is luminous: we are in awe; we are terrified by it. The mystical resides in the infinite; it is the acceptance that the infinite can never be known. It is the knowledge and experience that the Self and the infinite coincide. It is the unknown that is unknowable.” ~ Christian Gerike, Wise Gentleman & Scholar

Stop, drop and listen…It’s all right there…Right here. Everywhere.

~ Maggie

Mommy Mystic

As summer winds down, and my kids head back to school (which means more posts here, as well as some new teleseminar offerings to be announced next week) I am so happy to share a guest post from Chantal Monte, whom I interviewed here back in January. In this beautiful offering, she invites us into our simplicity and silence, where we are ‘infinitely awake and already free’:


If you’re like me and have tried everything else, try sitting in the silence and see what you find in this spaciousness within you…


A teacher once told me, “Stop! Stop everything! Drop all your spiritual knowledge. Stop seeking, acquiring, and attaining. Let go of all your tools, books, teachings, and see what is right here…always here.”

In our busy, fast-paced lives, “stopping” seems almost unheard of. When do we have time to stop – to simply stop and…

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