Totally YouTube-ular

Totally tubular. Okay, I’ve like SO outed myself as an 80’s chick. Couldn’t pass up a valley-girl colloquial ‘punny’, a sociolinguistic phenomenon, a title that fits. I used to be a pretty good valley-girl impersonator in my day. ‘Oh my gawd, like nooooo way’ you say? “Way!’ I AM a California native, after all, though not a southerner.

I decided to join the crowd and make a list of 23, like totally rad, 🙂 YouTube videos that I viewed during the last year. Of course, they are of my interests, befitting myself and the themes of my blog. Hopefully you will enjoy them too. Some have been widely circulated, and you might have seen a few in past posts of mine. For future reference, I have a YouTube account, called Maggie’s Picks @GentleBalancing, linked under YouTubin’ on my menu bar, where they and others, reside. It’s all set up so that someday, hopefully, I can post more of my own content (along with my cohorts Dr. Metz and Christina)…artistic, silly, serious, informative…Whatever 2012 has in store, I will buy. I’m such a sucker.

Something you love rarely gets tiresome. Though, I admit technology has spoiled me, and now I have attention deficit — see my ‘Funny (but technically true)’ pick below. Can’t seem to hold my attention for one video, let alone 23!! If you’re like me, you may not be able to absorb all this stimulus at once, but I highly recommend coming back, bit by bit. I’m biased, but I think the content is worth the time. You never know when something is going to ‘speak to you’.

Each video seems to represent all my interests at once. Even so, I’ve conveniently separated them into individual categories, cuz, well, I can’t help it. I just like to, like organize stuff and stuff. Dude, it’s like so TOTALLY bitchen. 🙂

So in that vein, here they are…

1.) Consumption, & Stuff:

2.) Empowering & Hopeful:

3.) Paradigm Shift:

4.) Nature:

5.) Anthropologist-Environmental-Activist:

6.) Informative & Compassionate:

7.) Food Most Frightening:

8.) Polarity Therapy:

9.) Personal Growth:

10.) Doctoral Insight:

11.) Not So Subtle Energy Vibes:

12). Gratitude & Inspiration:

13.) Creative Miracle (a blind painter?!):

14.) Travel (sacred places):

15.) Design (public space):

16.) Design (wind-powered):

17.) Design (organic):

18.) Culture & Beauty (with Enigma):

19.) Song Lyrics:

20.) Epic Adventurous Exhilaration:

21.) Funny (but technically true):

22.) Fun & Quirky:

23.) Last but not least…Mine, all mine!:

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6 Responses to Totally YouTube-ular

  1. I can’t quite remember how I came to first view these videos, so a mass ‘thank you!’ to the circulation web of friends and acquaintances that exists; the producers, directors and stars, and to YouTube for providing us with a free venue for sharing and expression.


  2. souldipper says:

    Oh my goodness, Maggie…that was at least “two bowls of popcorn” watching! Thanks for putting all this goodness in one place. It is amazing how much there is for us to tap into!


  3. I know Amy, there so much isn’t there! It’s mind-boggling actually. I’m glad you enjoyed the videos. It took me awhile to decide on which ones would make the cut, and as you can see I had a hard time. Thus the list of 22!

    I like your two-bowl-of-popcorn style. Growing up, it was just my mother and myself. When we had popcorn in the evenings, we made a huge bowl for each of us, one all to ourselves! (I thought it was funny that when popcorn was made at my boyfriend’s house, it was just a little tiny bowl, for a family of six. I guess I was spoiled). It’s still a favorite.

    These days I use an air popper, then drizzle organic oil over the top (olive or some such), sprinkle sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and something called Parma (a blend of organic raw walnuts and nutritional yeast). It is so yummy and a healthy, filling snack. Now I make it in a large batch, keep it in a covered pot, and munch on a handful or two before bed if I get hungry (since I don’t have easy access to the kitchen where I now live). Having a little bit of light food on my tummy seems to help me sleep better too…


  4. contoveros says:

    I’ve watched Jill Taylor’s video over and over again, getting new insight on each viewing. The other video I watched was the one you created using your art work, and I want to tell you that I am really impressed. You are not afraid to go where no Maggie has gone before,

    I’ll have to specially ear-mark this post to drink some red wine (sans the pop corn) and savor the others in your group of 21. Thanks for a stroll down the 80s memory lane!

    michael j


    • You’re welcome Michael j! Isn’t it nice to stroll backwards every once in awhile?

      Thanks for reporting on the videos. The ‘Stroke of Insight’ is so fascinating, from a unique perspective. She also wrote a book on the topic, which I haven’t seen. I also recommend that you bookmark the TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) website. Their lecture series/videos are marvelous.

      As for me, once I created the artwork (decades ago) and recently thought to photograph them digitally, the slide show portion was quite easy. The website called OneTrueMedia has templates set up and music to choose from. I did the free one, only one choice of video layout, nothing fancy and has to be only 40 seconds or so. I loved the results, as I’m into ‘little effort, big payoff’ and that filled the bill. I don’t like choice, paralyzed with too many options. (Maybe it’s just the catholic school girl in me, but I that’s why I’d prefer wearing a uniform too..Levels the playing field, and helps a Libra out with decisions, yikes!, especially first thing in the morning).

      Enjoy the rest of the stroll michael j, and your glass of wine!


  5. Since my original writing of this post, I have added an important one as #1, The Story of Stuff. It is a question and a worry that I’ve felt since childhood. Plus, it is a better segway from the valley girl talk to the video presentation portion, since I led with the 1980’s, yet not one video did I post from that time period.


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