The Nitto-Gritto: Client #1 Case-Study (Part One)

So a client walks into an office….No, this is not the opening line of a joke…Well maybe a Cosmic joke! Sometimes it feels that way, walkin’ around in these mysterious bodies, on this crazy planet Earth! 🙂 But when clients actually do walk into to our office, they frequently ask the question, “What exactly DO you do?” Therefore, I will be explaining just that. I’m going to get down to the “nitto gritto” and give you an example, a case-study, from a client to whom I shall refer to as “Client #1.” As you know, I am an Associate Polarity Practitioner (A.P.P) who performs Dr. Richard Metz’ Fundamental Field Therapy, which is a more integrated and advanced version of Dr. Randolph Stone’s original Polarity Therapy. These therapies follow the magnetic model of subtle polarized energy, as it applies to the human body (et al). We too have an electromagnetic energy field within and around us that flows like a magnet, with Positive, Neutral and Negative Poles. As a practitioner, with attention and intention, I make specific hands-on contacts to specific reflex areas, in each of these Poles. The areas of concentration, contacts and suggestions that are made, are largely determined ahead of, and during, the session via intuition and Energy Resonance Methods.

Now as for this female client who just came into the office…She did have an appointment and this was not our first time meeting. As usual, I start by giving her a hug and bringing her back into my treatment room. I tell her what I’ve determined from my Energy Scan. The Energy Scans that I conduct are based on my intellectual understanding of how the energetic system is set up, according to what Dr. Metz has taught me about his Fundamental Field Theory/Therapy. From this framework of possibilities, I find what most closely resonates presently with the client’s system. It’s like doing a “Google” search for key words on the Internet…I’m searching for and finding a correspondence between her energy and mine, and coming up with the closest possible matches based on that input. This “matched resonance” directs me towards what to do and how to do it; in other words, how I can most effectively and efficiently accomplish what needs to be done, based on what I know. What comes up for her right now is that she does indeed need a therapeutic treatment from me today, lasting approximately 60 minutes. (The nature, timing and length of treatment is something I consider before proceeding with every treatment). The issue that resonates best at the moment is that we deal with a an unconscious belief pattern that she acquired in her past (from this and a previous lifetime), as part of her interpretation of, and adaptation to, her young circumstances. She’s still holding onto the energy of this thought-pattern, and it is not serving her well(ness). Within the framework of my energy assessment point of view, I get the sense that she is not happy inhabiting her body, and is not pleased with having to deal with its inevitable physiological processes.

Not surprisingly, after speaking with her, she tells me that she has a long history of disorders in this department, which affect her on the physiological level: Sleeping, breathing, eating, reproducing and eliminating. There may be other issues contributing to her problems, but as of now, acknowledging and sorting through her entrenched beliefs around these issues will put us on the right path towards resolving them. Insomnia, Restless Leg and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes are her most pressing problems at the moment. She needs to see if she can bring awareness to her belief system: That she internalized early on that she is the one responsible for meeting the needs of others and therefore she has no energy, or desire, to take care of her own; that no one is paying real attention to her needs, and they will never will; that she herself is not empowered around the very basics of nurturing herself; that she wants to run away because on some level she can’t handle it and doesn’t want to be here, neither as a “Spiritual Being having a human experience”, NOR as a “Human being having a human experience”! This is reflected in her current inability to get her most primal physiological needs satisfied and functioning in normal, healthy ways, as well as feeling restless anxiety, and exhaustion most of the time.

I suggest that she go back in her minds-eye to when she was 10 years old…BE that little girl, and notice what she experiences. She is well-versed in this “gestalt-style” processing and it isn’t long before feelings of anger and betrayal surface. This was a time in her life when a traumatic family event exacerbated feelings of powerlessness and anger for having to be “trapped in this stupid human body, that no matter what I do, is going to end up betraying me anyway”. In addition to a strict religious upbringing, this didn’t bode well for her having to deal with her “stupid body, prepubescent at that”. After cursing and swearing at that reality, the overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion of her early situation showed up. “My (family) life was such a burden, I couldn’t cope with one more thing, even eating and eliminating properly, let alone getting my period”. Within this therapeutic context, I encourage her to be free in embracing the full range of thoughts and emotions, without any judgement towards herself…(You gotta FEEL it to HEAL it). I let her be with these thoughts and emotions as I begin the treatment, supporting that energy and getting it to move.

What follows is a description of the general game-plan for today’s hands-on treatment, within which I allow the spontaneity and creativity that intuition brings (the intuitive steps are not described here): I have her lay clothed, face up on my massage table and she will remain in that position for the full hour; seated behind her head, with my hands gently cradling her, I begin with Negative Pole contacts for the Ether Element, by cupping her ears, then placing one of my hands at the top of her head and the other on her throat, then the back of her neck to the midline at the thymus; I then work Neutral Pole acupressure points of the Kidney Meridian (on the pinky toes, inner ankles and mid-sole of the foot), and Jin Shin Points #22 (below the collar bones), #23 (bottom of the rib cage on the back) and #26 (back of the armpits); and finally, I focus on Positive Pole contacts, massaging her feet with lotion, and finishing with a head massage, the forehead and temples in particular. I tell her that the treatment is over and to continue to lay on the table for a few minutes before rising and drinking the cup of water I’ve left on the desk. I leave her alone in the treatment room, and tell her to open the door when she’s ready for me to re-enter and bring the session to a close.

While she’s gathering herself, I scan my Energy Resonance sheets again and once she opens the door, I relay what I’ve found: She might consider coming back to me in a week’s time, depending on how things go; for now she needs space in which to continue psychologically processing; I recommend that she cancel any social obligations for the day, spend time alone, resting, relaxing and meditating; lastly, as an acknowledgement of her issues would help free up more energy for sleep, I also have her write down an affirmation to say at bedtime. Her affirmation is this: “I was given the sacred gift of human birth. My body and all it’s functions are beautiful and necessary, not something to feel resentful of, ashamed, guilty or burdened by. I acknowledge that I have these feelings, and though my thoughts are askew, my experience and my feelings are valid. My Spirit depends upon a healthfully functioning human body. These things, ‘the sacred and the profane,’ can exist side by side without conflict, as long as I have a balanced outlook”.

This is the issue that her energy field wanted to “reveal, deal, and heal” today. Her own Innate Intelligence is what determines the pacing and timing that’s just right for her, given the details of her unique energetic make-up. This means that every session with me might be different for her, every time. Or conversely, every session might be very similar to the last, until the issue has been sufficiently dealt with. This is what makes my job so fascinating. There’s a lot of variety and it heavily depends on my skills of bodywork, intelligence, intuition, creativity, nurturing and understanding, all at the same time. Best of all, I get to see folks who are willing to deal with their issues, help them to make progress and get some relief, while being their biggest fan and cheerleader along the way.

Kudos to my “Spiritual Warriors” for doing their “Soul Work”! :)

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4 Responses to The Nitto-Gritto: Client #1 Case-Study (Part One)

  1. souldipper says:

    What tremendous work, results, healing and insight, Maggie. As our society moves more and more into acceptance of treatments such as this, our learning will soar.

    And yes, cudos to those wonderful spiritual warriors! It pleases me that our calling on them gives them so much in return.


    • Thank you Amy so much, I respect your opinion. And I too hope for the future, and what is possible.

      Yes hurray for Spiritual Warriors…we are they! All Spiritual Beings who are evolving support one another, from this side and beyond. Grateful for my angels. 🙂


  2. Christian says:

    Thanks, this was informative, and rings true with what little I know from my readings of psychology.


    • Thank you Christian for that feedback! Most of the psychology I know comes from my work with Dr. Metz, who got his B.A. in Psych. Of course the mind is an important part of Mind-Body medicine. 🙂


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