Mom and Me, Getting Older by the Minute

A couple months ago, after the funeral of a dear old family friend, I was inspired to finally get my mom on tape. She used to have so many stories. I never wrote them down thinking I’d never forget, though I encouraged her to do so, which she never did. Sadly, now her memory is really starting to fail, and mine isn’t as keen as it used to be either. So I encourage all you who read this to consider doing the same. But in this age of technology, most of you probably already have.

I was going to keep this video private, as it’s probably only of interest to me, but I wanted to post it to honor my mom and the relationship we’ve had. (I’m so sorry the voices are not in sync with the video, I don’t know why that happens!) Like other mothers and daughters, I have had challenges with my mom, there’s certain things that were lacking, but I’ve always admired her independence, determination, perseverance, and know-how. She was the carpenter and repair person in the family, long before she lost her husband. And then she went on to raise me as a single parent, while mourning yet another loss in her life. Through it all, she has always been quick to laughter, the first person that would welcome you at a social event, and always loved to sing and partner dance. She met her beau Paul when they were in their late seventies, and they’ve been “keeping company” ever since. It’s never too late to find love!

Most of all, I so appreciate her open-mindedness and complete fearlessness, for herself, and later when it came to me. She never tried to talk me out of anything, even when I went travelling abroad for five months, leaving her lonely, or when I started exploring other religions and ideas, which may have conflicted with her Christian upbringing. Spirituality and travelling were loves of hers too.

So Mom, I make this post for you, in honor of Mother’s Day. I know that even though it’s not something you dwell on, I also know it’s hard for you to come to terms with losing control, feeling like your “slipping away” and coming to the end portion of your life. It’s hard for me too. But we’ll keep our sense of humor, together.

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12 Responses to Mom and Me, Getting Older by the Minute

  1. Renee says:

    HI Maggie,
    When I tried to view the video of you and your mom, it won’t play. It says “This video is private” in the box. Just thought you should know! I really like what you wrote about your mom, BTW!


  2. Lynn says:

    It wouldn’t play for me either, but I thought it was such a sweet thing to do I got all teary eyed!


  3. Christina says:

    Not playing for me either…


  4. souldipper says:

    It works for me, Maggie – what a touching and delightful video for you to have. I only have photographs of my mom…the audio tapes of her voice are long gone. So you are wise to have recorded this for yourself.


    • Oh I’m sorry Amy 😦 Yes we are not of the age where we were born with a silver Flip-Cam in our mouths! Back in the day, my dad was a big fan of hiding tape recorders under the dinner table to record family discussions. I now treasure the one tape I have remaining and SO wish I had video of him to accompany it, since I only “had” him for 8 years.

      This computer comes with a video camera which is my first experience with video recording, so I seized the opportunity to get my mom while I could, such as it is. Better late than never, a cautionary tale.


  5. Renee says:

    Oh, Maggie – I was so touched and moved by your video with your mom. How blessed she is to have you as her daughter – in such close proximity, too! It seems as though she enjoyed sharing and remembering. This video venture was a gift to BOTH of you 🙂


    • Thank you Renee 🙂 It was a good day. I often wonder how things will be for me at that age. I’m pretty much the youngest of my friends and family, and no daughter, no children. And, what will I be reminiscing about, about how I and the world has changed. The year will be 2051!! One day at a time, huh?


  6. Dominic Olguin says:

    Hi Maggie, I found this site through your facebook page. This is a lovely video, despite the technical difficulties. 🙂 It made me so happy to see you and your mom together. I almost felt like I was at family gathering not so long ago. 🙂 But I was very touched by your motivation to do this video, it almost seemed to give me a little broader perspective on family and time and change. Anyways, thank you for making this, I know you’ll cherish it in years to come. 🙂
    Dominic 🙂


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