Today’s “Note to Self” (Lessons)

Life is all about timing, learning the perfect lessons at the perfect time…perfectly tailored just for you.

You might suffer “repetitive stress” injuries along the way, but you will get stronger, and the task will eventually be completed. In my experience, the lessons will continue to present themselves in various ways, until we finally “get it” and have developed enough resources and experience to finally address and resolve the deeper, underlying wounds that caused the “problem(s)” in the first place.  At that point, we are no longer victims…we are Victorious!

In this vein, I am offering up these words of encouragement for all of us Soulful Warriors who struggle: Hang in there.  Pay Attention.  Do the best you can from where you’re presently at, with the resources you currently have.  Set the intention for “Highest Good”…And then keep the Faith. Have Courage.  Allow yourself to FEEL your emotions, gently without judgement or shame.  Remember each personal experience is valid.  Love yourself.  Be Patient and Trust the Process….What a tall order that is, if I do say so myself.  However, I continue to have confidence each of us CAN, and WILL, deliver these gifts to ourselves, in due time.

Keep in mind that genuinely nurturing oneself is certainly not a “fast food” situation, with a quick and easy solution, done while multi-tasking. We all know that “slow food” that is made with the best quality ingredients, prepared with loving intention and is consumed attentively, is ultimately more nutritious and satisfying in the long run…Let’s hear it for the mindful mono-taskers!!  We are talking true “Soul Food” here people!

Now go fill yourself up, start digesting…and you will naturally eliminate what you no longer need, when Nature calls and not before. Remember it’s all about timing?  Your Energetic System has its own unique, innate intelligence.  You can’t force the process. You shouldn’t try to release before you’re ready, or you might suffer the consequences.  Sometimes we are our own biggest obstacle (talk about a pain in the butt!).  Not to worry though, enough of the right input will eventually produce the right output…I love a good food analogy and I think I’ve milked this one for all it’s worth. 🙂

I’ll leave you now with this final little morsel: My friend’s elderly mother once asked, “What does that bumper sticker mean – ‘Shit Happiness’?” 🙂 I think that sums it up nicely.  Of course the saying is “Shit Happens” but I like her perspective even better.

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1 Response to Today’s “Note to Self” (Lessons)

  1. This is for those of you who are in “therapy”, via bodywork, counseling, or just life. I encounter this struggle within myself, & see it with my clients, many of whom are now dealing with the bold messages that “terminal” & chronic illness bring…that change is in order.


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