A Life in the Day (Take a Second)

~ Love the One You’re With 🙂 ~ At least 3 times a day ~ 🙂

~ Smooch for 10, Hug for 20! ~

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About The Spirited Soul

Valuing The Creative Force In All Its Expression: Arts & Culture, Personal Growth & Healing. Offering Advanced Energy Medicine: Tailored Sessions Honoring Each Uniquely Spirited Soul.
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2 Responses to A Life in the Day (Take a Second)

  1. Amy MacLeod says:

    Great photo, Maggie. And here’s a hug for (((((Maggie)))))!


    • Big hug for you too Amy, count to 20! (((((((Amy))))))). My friend Debra came up with another cool thing, I with the name, and she with the graphic. It’s called a “heart cozy for when an aching vulnerable heart needs a little soft buffered cushioning {{{<3}}}.

      Also, a show I was watching said the "physical affection rule" above can also apply to pets too. The longer you hug/cuddle your pet, the bonding hormone, called oxytocin (I think) is released, making both parties feel nurtured, and thus better.


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