Important New CPR Technique

This is a new and improved version of traditional CPR. It looks much easier to do and could help you save a life. It doesn’t involve having to alternate breathing with compressions; you don’t need to be certified to do it in an emergency situation; and, apparently the “Good Samaritan” law will keep you from liability should you accidentally inflict a broken rib in the process.

Save a Life with the New CPR

I’m sure the person in question will be happy to be alive, in spite of any rib-abuse by-product, should one occur :-).

Check out the video and write-up at this link:

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6 Responses to Important New CPR Technique

  1. souldipper says:

    This is really great stuff…thank you for sharing it. I certainly will pass it on!~


  2. contoveros says:

    Don’t know how I mised this. Looks like a great technique. Locking the arms and “falling” into the chest area with the clasp of the hands . . . Continuou compression at 100 beats per second. (I could do without the Disco music; replace it with good old fashion 60s rock & roll!)


    michael j


  3. contoveros says:

    I can see you dancing . . . and then meditating . . . then dancing . . . and meditating . . .

    Well, you get the picture.

    michael j


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