Imagine Inspiration (Guatemalan Art Project)

The link and message below were recently emailed to me by my good friend Sunshine Psota (The Teddy-Bear-Knitter of a past post titled “Mother Bear Project, A Sweet Tale). This story appeals to me because it’s about women, children, art, culture, sustainability, helping others… AND it is a testament to the fact that it DOES only take ONE person to make a difference (in this case, she’s named Mira Talbott-Pope). Imagine what MANY could do, still do, can do, and will do. IMAGINE INSPIRATION and it will come!

Light the Fire of Your Bright Idea
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“Dear Friends,

At times I get really inspired by what others are doing with their life and what they are doing for others. How so you say? Well one of Dave’s friends from high school has an animal rescue center in New Cannan CT called, “Strays & Others”.

Recently I heard about my friend Suzanne Stewart’s sister Mira. She had been a school teacher from the Chico area, and for the last 25 years an MFT counselor, who then moved to Guatemala.

Living somewhere between the usual standards for white foreigners and the locals in village, Mira has made friends with many people there and has started a project that appeals to the artist in all of us.

The little village she lives in is known for its paintings. To continue the traditions amongst the poorest of the village she has helped to set up classes and make the materials available to identify and continue the next generation of talented painters who can continue to live in the village because of the “money” from the paintings. I love the concept of allowing these kids more education, while their paintings help to feed their families. The alternative would be for them to leave school and work hard manual labor at a young age.

Just a little creativity on Mira’s part is spreading in wonderful ways. I have attached a link to her efforts, and the project she is affiliated with, to inspire you in whatever ways it does. As for me I am trying to find more time to charity knit because I have not been able to volunteer at the local hospice store lately.

Here is to lighting sparks within each of us,


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