Mother Bear Project, A Sweet Tale.

AIDS Orphans In Namibia With Their Bears!
(Photo by the Mother Bear Project)

As my friend Sunshine Psota said to me, “the Mother Bear organization is so wonderful because it touches a lot of hearts and takes a simple gift and turns it into something magical.”

I am honored and proud to have a friend like Sunshine (so aptly named :)) who brings others in great need such joy with her creative gifts. When Sunshine first started showing me her baby bears, my heart warmed. Then she showed me the above photo and my heart caught fire and melted into a puddle! These little orphaned Namibian AIDs survivors are happily embracing love incarnate…hand-knitted bears made by strangers they don’t even know, but the love woven in is palpable.

To see a photo gallery of the knitters and the baby bears in their new homes go to:

To see a photo that Sunshine took of her sister Diane with her bears, check this out:

(Oh this makes me want to take up knitting. 🙂 I tried once and couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. My blankets always became triangles).

Over 50,000 bears have been distributed!

If you are interested in getting involved, or know someone who would be, contact the Mother Bear Project for a knitting pattern and other details. (When you’re finished knitting, if you are in Sonoma County, CA, like we are, the local drop-off spot is at Cast Away in Old Railroad Square in Santa Rosa). It’s that easy! 

I Love These Bears That Sunshine Made In Honor of My Mother & I, respectively, With Yarn That We Donated. They Are Now Frolicking Together in Africa.
(Photo by Sunshine Psota)

Sunshine Gifted Me Honeybear, a.k.a. Sparky, My Assistant Therapist
(Photo by Maggie Begley)

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4 Responses to Mother Bear Project, A Sweet Tale.

  1. Sunshine’s are the ones with the whites of their eyes showing. Also go to my Facebook Page to see photos of my treatment room. There you will see my little Honeybear, who helps me support my clients with jocularity! More Sunshine spreading her light!


  2. Oh to see my typos and not be able to fix it toll tomorrow!!! How will I ever sleep tonight knowing my imperfections are out there for everyone to see? Times like these it’s good to have low readership, or is it?

    I’m conflicted between being imperfectly perfect and perfectly imperfect. Subtle distinction, but I’m leaning toward the latter. Sweet dreams.


  3. I can bear with “perfectly inperfect.” My heart goes out to those kids, too. Thanks for making us aware.

    michael j


    • It especially touched me when I was able to hold and touch each unique bear while sitiing in Sunshine’s livingvroom, and then see to see them again half way around the world in the arms of smiling chidren! The most ingredient besides good will is good organization! God bless them for both! And anything handmade is imbued with our perfectly imperfect spirit! To be human is to be divinely loved for who we are!!! Yay!


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