Today’s “Note To Self” (In a fog)



This path looks a little dodgy, full of cracks & patches, with a side of greens & a water trickle. Yep, that about tells the tale. But when will I make the grade, Mr. Mountain Top?
(Photo by Maggie Begley)

I’ve fallen & I can’t get up. I feel like a commercial for my worst case scenario.

This has been a long haul. When weary panic ensues…quiet the voices. 

Note to Self:

“Even though for the last 6 months you’ve felt like a cloistered nun on a vision quest, my dear,  you have no choice but to stay present to your healing process. You must exercise, stillness. Practice Patience, with head held high in the clouds of unknowing. You shall over come. You have displayed Courage, by submitting to that which you’ve been gifted. Let Gratitude be your platitude. Surrender, your saving Grace. Compassion & Acceptance, your wound-poultice.

You are safely protected. Bit by bit, you will suddenly see. You will emerge from the underground tunnel with a pop. You will get the green light from the setting sun as the old you fades away into the ‘dark night of the soul’ (Q & A with Eckhart Tolle on the subject). A new day is dawning, mixed metaphors & beloved cliches fully exposed.

Muddy & triumphant, your Spirited Soul WILL make it to the Promised Land. Fractal parts unfractured. With all three bases having been contacted (& it IS a contact sport), you will score a home run on home turf.  Your Fundamental Field® of dreams. Live it & share it.

You are in good company as you encounter many a fellow ‘S.A.S.S.I.E.’ along the way. One step up at a time, by crawl or by fall, you will all go the distance. Long distance on the fast track, sprint included. No hurries, no worries, at any pace it’s a win-win. Stay on track. Go Team.” 


This image is dedicated to my dear friend, Kathy Emery (RIP), a teacher who schooled me in the wonders of the green flash at sunset. You can see this phenomenon evidenced in this photo. This is the first time I’ve seen it as a green dot refracted on the ground, as opposed to a flash at the horizon. It’s as if to say, “Stay grounded in the Light”.
(Photo by Richard Metz)

Click here for more info on the ‘green flash‘ at sunset. 

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I Value The Creative Force In All Its Expression: Arts & Culture, Personal Growth & Healing. I Offer Advanced Energy Medicine; Tailored Sessions Honoring Each Uniquely Spirited Soul. Distance Healing is Now My Focus.
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4 Responses to Today’s “Note To Self” (In a fog)

  1. Yes you are in good company.

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  2. contoveros says:

    I want to be a SASSIE but I don’t know how.

    I want to get to the same mountain top and give you a hug and shout out “We made it!” But, my dear, we have already reached that plateau. The process “is” the goal and not the end result. We are already there and it is so much fun to share it with others.

    Hip, Hip, Hurray!

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    • Oh but you already are a SASSIE by my definition, Michael j! (Did you click on my link to read which sort? Both most likely!). I don’t know you all that well, but I know enough to know you’re an honorary member. 🙂


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