How to act around introverted people

Calling all introverts, & those who love them…Hmmm, that would be everyone. 😝

If you’re an introvert & you know it, clap your hands… If applause falls & no one is there to hear it, is it still applause?🌲 You betcha!

Give yourself a hand, & stand tall. 🌲We all need support at every stage of our development.

In my work as a Fundamental Field® Therapist, I know that there are energetic causes (‘Energenetic’, even) as to why we evolve the way we do. The diagnoses that we get, & give ourselves, are often based on the symptoms of those causes. In my mind, this evidence supports the cause & gives us hope for change of symptoms.

Acceptance of where we find ourselves is the launching pad to healing…whenever & wherever that may, or may not, lead is the mystery yet to unfold. (Hmmm, that sounds like some good solid ground on which to stand, LOL).

Here’s some helpful advice for navigating the journey…from an Ellen Vrana interview at the blog, Read an Interview:

The Longform Interviewer

The interviewed: Ellen Vrana, age 35. Grew up in Michigan, USA, but lives and works in London together with her husband. The interviewed: Ellen Vrana, age 35. Grew up in Michigan, USA, but lives and works in London together with her husband.

Where do you get your energy from? Does social interaction increase it or do you crave more alone time than your friends do? In this interview London-based writer Ellen Vrana – an introvert herself – shares her personal experience and how hard it can be when people just don’t get it.

“There is nothing lonelier than being in a room full of people who don’t understand or care to understand me,” says Ellen Vrana. I partly recognized myself in some of her writing and reached out to clarify my own thoughts and feelings in an interview with her.

She goes on, and her insights continue to amaze me: “Introverts are not uniformly shy, socially inept, or anti-social.”

“I’m not speaking for others, this is my experience with introversion,” she points out.

Whether you’re…

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  1. I posted that interview on my Facebook page… Introverts unite…, each in our own separate mountain tops or caves or studios… 😉

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