Spirited Quotes from the Mystics: Science of the Soul

The Attitude for Prayer:

Has He [the Creator, who is genderless] given you poverty? Then know it is so that — free from attachments — you may concentrate on the wealth of Nam [the Word, the celestial inner Divine Sound], and so never again lack the warmth, light and food necessary for the soul. Never, never complain of His gifts.

Has he given you loneliness? Then know that it is so you can be alone with Him — and therefore never again be lonely. Never, never complain of his gifts.

Has He given you sickness that keeps you from the worldly work? Then know it is to give you time for Simran and meditation [prayer, repetition of the Holy Name, focus on Nam] unbroken by the world — so that you are sooner freed of all the body’s ills. Never, never complain of His gifts.

Has He given you all the good things of life? Then of you He demands tenfold effort in payment of your debts to Kal [the ‘Devil’, Lord of this earthly plane of Pinda] that you may not, through love of this life, need again return. Make constant Simran [rememberance of Holy Nam] the thanks for such a gift.

When you feel far away from Master [the Lord God of all], remember — it is you who have turned away, not He.

Be thankful the Master will give you only what you NEED [to make spiritual progress], in spite of what YOU pray to Him for.” ~ Author Unknown [within the brackets is my commentary].

I came across this typed note that I had saved, going back 20 years. I had gotten it at a gathering I had attended affiliated with, Science of the Soul Research Centre.

I liked it at the time and boy oh boy does it SPEAK to me NOW! It was book-marking a place in the Bible my mom had given me for my 15th birthday. (Isn’t that a present every teenager dreams of?! Lol.) She had it personalized, with my name engraved in gold type on its cover, to make it extra special. I do treasure it now, though the print is so small I need a magnifying glass for things to come clear. No…the metaphor on that one is not lost on me.

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