Contemplations for the Spirit (#3)

Random Card Draw:

Truth ~ Strength ~ Grace

Photo by Maggie Begley

This little card deck you see above appeared in my life, originator unknown. I give such credit, nonetheless.
(Photo by Maggie Begley)

I feel like the more I strive

after (my) Truth

the more Strength and Grace 

I need.

And am provided.

How are these

incorporated into your story?

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I Value The Creative Force In All Its Expression: Arts & Culture, Personal Growth & Healing. I Offer Advanced Energy Medicine; Tailored Sessions Honoring Each Uniquely Spirited Soul. Distance Healing is Now My Focus.
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2 Responses to Contemplations for the Spirit (#3)

  1. richard metz says:

    It takes strength and grace to see the truth.

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  2. I love that I edited my original sentence before I saw your comment, it’s the same sentiment. Your simple sentence strikes a chord, which sounds very harmonious to me.


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