A Life in the Day (Estuary Sit & Snap)









All Photos ©2014 by Maggie Begley

About The Spirited Soul And Life-Energy Dynamics ©

I Value The Creative Force In All Its Expression: Arts & Culture, Personal Growth & Healing. I Offer Advanced Energy Medicine; Tailored Sessions Honoring Each Uniquely Spirited Soul. Distance Healing is Now My Focus.
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2 Responses to A Life in the Day (Estuary Sit & Snap)

  1. Renee Crevelli says:

    Lovely. Where is this estuary?


    • Renee, it is at Jenner (By the Sea). It was an unusually warm, super calm day that day. You know how our Sonoma Coast can be! It was a special treat.

      When I was taking the photos of the posts & water below deck (of the Visitor’s Center), the sun was reflecting off the (iPhone) screen. I had an idea, & then was just snapping & hoping for the best. When that happens, later when I get home from the day & view the images, it’s like unwrapping a present! 🙂


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