The Persian Flaw

I really love this post, by The Quick Brown Fox, discussing her time at the ‘Loony Bin’, addressing depression & ‘recovery’, travails with knitting, lessons learned or at least pondered. Authentic, relatable (I found), entertaining, funny, heart-felt, honest. Thank you Diane, for perfectly expressing your imperfections. We all are little bits & pieces God. Wholly Holy.

In regards to the above, it seems I am no longer linked to this wonderful post by The Quick Brown Fox. Could it be she’s jumped the fence? I will have to search to find another such reference… 😦  Meanwhile, do see the comments here, for another similar notion, brought to me by my friend, Dave.

~ Maggie

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2 Responses to The Persian Flaw

  1. This is per my friend, Dave:

    Thanks, Maggie. The “Persian flaw” is also like the Japanese philosophical aspect within wabi sabi. “The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. Imperfection is valued because our mind or soul finds the space to fill it. Sculptor Isamu Noguchi often left unfinished portions of his work. Similarly, Haku Maki left space in his. Have a bite of wabi sabi:


    • “Lol. I’d love a bite, a nice dose of non-OCD imperfection! This is such an “Eastern” notion. I like. Thank you for sharing the info & the link. I’m gonna post it as a reply on my blog too.”

      The above was my response to Dave. Obviously I say what I mean, & I mean what I say… 🙂


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