Are Our Parents the Cause of Our Suffering?

What a provocative question. Probably tomes of theses & other contemplations have been indulged, seeking answers to such posing. 

My friend, Christian Gerike, just posted the following quote on my Facebook fan page today. It was perfectly timed, in terms of something I had recently experienced in my life & work:

“Our suffering was not caused by our parents or grandparents. It was merely passed down. We are social animals. We grow through modeling. We teach what we have learned. We act as we have been acted upon. A person who is not loving has not experienced love. It is not his fault. Realizing this gives rise to forgiveness. And in Chan we vow that suffering will stop with us. We will not pass it down.” ~ Guo Jun

That first sentence took me slightly aback, as I feel we have all “suffered” as a result of our upbringing. As I read on, I softened & realized where Guo Jun was leading. From a young age, I had always told myself that I would never have children unless I first sorted out my own healing. Ha! No children for me, yet. Luckily, I wasn’t attached to having children, but I was attached to my idea — for myself, no judgement to others was ever intended.

In the past month or so I have been noticing energetically, based on my resonance scans & own personal experience, that each of us may not only process & release our own current & past life-happenings, but also the unresolved trauma of our genetic lineageDespite “The sins of our fathers” Bible passage, so far it seems to primarily occur energetically down the maternal line (in my case, it was the maternal line on my father’s side). Of course the males that were involved in those lives are a part & parcel of the equation. Nobody is off the hook!  This inherited energetic trauma, I think, can then manifest as what we label ‘genetic’ physical disease or mental illness. It has been said, (& proven?) that our DNA is not static, but like energy, is dynamic. Capable of change. The buck can stop here.

All of our energetic patterns are lodged in each & every cell of our system. Every thought, word & deed. Internal & external environmental influences. Waaaay past, present, & waaaay into the future. All is Energy. It’s inherent. It’s everywhere. It’s personal. It’s familial. It’s our spiritual lineage.

In my own case, this journey has promoted an even greater understanding; engendering love, compassion & forgiveness. Just as Guo Jun predicts. This kind of personal healing obviously has potential for widespread healing, in every direction. It’ll be an interesting phenomenon for which to keep up my antennae. 🙂

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