High Note of the Day: Bluegrass Kiss

I really, really enjoyed this bluegrass rendition of the song, Kiss From a Rose, by the band, Mustered Courage& wanted to pass it along to you. (Make sure to click the above video link & have a listen).

This was an especially meaningful find because of a story my mom’s 89 year old beau, Paul, told me today. He had found a broken guitar on a fire hydrant, brought it home & fixed it. He doesn’t even play guitar (at least not since he busted his forefinger with a hammer while on the job, decades ago). He just knows how to fix stuff & doesn’t like to see anything ‘perfectly good’ go to waste. Not to mention, he helps his neighbors, with no expectation of payment. The other day, he helped someone who paid him with a mandolin, which he also does not play, but it’s so pretty he plans to hang it on the wall. (Paul is a romantic as well, always bringing the first rose in his garden to my mother, followed by a stream of them, till the season is over). He’s so cool.

This spoke to me too because it reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Dr. Zhivago, in which the mandolin plays a subtle, but special role. Even though Paul doesn’t play an instrument, he said his family of 13’s entertainment growing up during the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma, was to push back the furniture and let loose with music. Music ties us all together, in one way or another.

Some things are innate, & some things we acquire; every thing is a gift.

(Spoiler Alert: This is the very last scene of the movie).

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4 Responses to High Note of the Day: Bluegrass Kiss

  1. This is why I have a hard time getting to sleep at night, or meditating. My mind just goes from one (interesting) thing to another…I have a rich inner life. Ha!


  2. carrill says:

    I liked reading this welcomed story which was a nice relief after reading all the intense stuff on the internet about Syria, war heads being stolen to perhaps be used to create a false flash situation in USA, that would have many of or USA citizens killed, just to provoke Americans into WW3. And then there are the weather changes, and Niburu and solar flares. AAAAGHHH! GIVE ME A MANDOLIN AND I WILL LEARN TO PLAY…or paint it and hang it on a wall in my house!! I do enjoy your blog here and look forward to reading more of what you write in the near future. Having issues sleeping.
    Carrol xox


    • Dear Carol,
      Firstly, thank you for your frequent feedback & support. It helps bolster me knowing that others (you) benefit from my efforts. 🙂

      Yes, everything happening in the world is super upsetting & when that happens I turn to music & heartwarming things even more. I want to know what’s going on, but don’t want to have fear or helplessness overtake me.

      Regardless, I was up till 4:00 am too! God Bless Us Everyone. Keep the positive thoughts flowing towards all these situations, for Highest Good in process & outcome. It’s one empowering thing we can do for ourselves & everyone else on the planet!

      xo Maggie


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