Women Mystic Series

Growing up Catholic, these two Saints of Assisi, Clare.and Francis.were my favorite. Now my “religion” is Mysticism, for all the reasons Lisa pointed out here in this beautiful and timely post.

~ Maggie

Mommy Mystic

Continuing with my theme of honoring March as Women’s History Month, I wanted to add to the Women Mystics section of this blog. There are so many mystics I would love to share with you, but with all the interest in the new Pope, and his choosing of the name ‘Francis’ in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, I decided to focus on St. Clare, St. Francis’ devoted student, helper, nurse, and founder/abbess of her own order.

Before doing so however, I wanted to clarify that I try to select women mystics from all different spiritual backgrounds for this intermittent series, and doing so doesn’t necessarily represent support for the traditions within which they believed. I am personally interested in the universality of mystic experience. When I read about individuals’ mystic experiences across time and cultures, the similarities of them never ceases to amaze me. Truly, seeking and experiencing the…

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2 Responses to Women Mystic Series

  1. mommymystic says:

    Thanks for the reblog, and it’s amazing how many people say these were their favorite saints growing up. And the resurgence of interest in them with the Pope choosing the name Francis. A hopeful sign I think.


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