Acupuncture AND Polarity Therapy: Mutually Inclusive!

This just in on my Facebook Page today: an interesting question came along that I thought might appeal to others not on Facebook…

“I was a student of Richard’s at a Polarity conference and his answer to how the chakras and the Chinese meridians flow together has always stuck with me. I now have a student questioning me on why I choose this modality, as she has used acupuncture a lot with good results and why should I know this new work over that one? I’m wondering if I could get that info from you again to help her get the whole picture. You can share it on my Midwest Polarity page if you like. Thanks so much, Lucy Jackson, RPE, Mpls, Mn and Ashland, Wi”

And here is Dr. Metz’ response that I posted for him:

Hi Lucy, I have changed the name of my healing discipline from “Unified Field of Energy Medicine” to the “Fundamental Field of Advanced Energy Medicine (Fundamental Field).” Fundamental Field® is my registered trademark. I hope the following will answer your inquiry. As I stated in my previous seminar, the Fundamental Field unifies and integrates all the different disciplines of traditional energy medicine into one energy system. This includes the two great traditional healing systems of Ayurveda from India and Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture from China, as well as Polarity Therapy, Jin Shin, Original Chiropractic, Cranio-Sacral Therapies, and more. This is how one can receive many of the benefits of these different disciplines, simultaneously in one Fundamental Field® Therapy session.

Very briefly, the following is how these various disciplines are united and integrated within the Fundamental Field. Life is an expression of consciousness. This life creating expression is called life-energy. Life-energy is the fundamental forces of nature. The soul creates life in the same manner God creates the universe. One of the fundamental forces of nature is magnetic energy. The Fundamental Field, which creates, organizes, and sustains the mind and body first originates from the eye-center source chakra. It does this as a magnetic field. As such, it organizes the body and its energies in this same way, into a big magnet. The main feature of a magnet is that it has three distinct poles: Positive, Neutral, and Negative. These three poles are part of one energy system. What goes on in one Pole affects, and is affected by, what happens in the other Poles. The three Poles define our primary therapeutic reflex pattern. When there is a problem in one Pole, we also address the reflexes in the two other Poles. These are essential Polarity Therapy principles.

Within three magnetic poles of the Fundamental Field are found all the traditional elemental chakras and their elemental energies. These chakras and energies are the defining feature of the Fundamental Field’s magnetic poles. When there is a problem with one of the elements in one of the Poles, we also address the corresponding elemental reflexes in other two Poles.

The three Poles of the Fundamental Field are:

1). Positive Pole: Consists of cranio-sacral areas of the conscious mind, head, and cerebrospinal nervous system. The traditional elemental energy is called Positive Fire. It consists of the elements that are the positive form of the elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth These chakras have a positive electrostatic charge. They are the proton components of the atom-like Fundamental Field. When these chakras spin, they create the polarized energies of these elements. Their electrostatic fields create the oval-field of the head.

2). Neutral Pole: Consists of the Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture elemental chakras of Metal, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wood. It is located primarily in the extremities of the body. The chakras are on the hands, feet, and Jin Shin points. They have a small electrostatic charge related to gender; male-positive, female-negative. They are the neutron components of the atom-like Fundamental Field. When these chakras spin, they create the polarized energies of these elements. The electrostatic fields create the oval-fields of the hands and feet. These elements are derived from the neutral form of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

3). Negative Pole: Consists of the traditional elemental chakras of the caduceus from Ayurveda and Polarity Therapy of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It is located at the pelvis, trunk, and neck of the body. These chakras have a negative electrostatic charge. They are the electron components of the atom-like Fundamental Field. When these chakras spin, they create the polarized energies of these elements. Their electrostatic fields create the oval-fields of the trunk of the body.

Because all the various energy disciplines are connected together in one system, as you work in one discipline, acupuncture for example, this will eventually affect all the others. But it is much more efficient and effective to address the whole life-energy system at one time. This is accomplished by contacting and connecting all the poles. As the various disciplines of traditional energy medicine are found in the poles, this connects and integrates them in an understandable and practical way. For example, one pattern might connect the Metal element of the neutral pole to the Water element of the negative pole and then to the Fire element of the positive pole.

I hope this aids in your understanding. For those who’d like more information on sessions/seminars, my upcoming book, and/or to be placed on our e-mail list, please contact our office in Santa Rosa, CA, at 707-545-1347, or visit our website,


Dr. Richard Metz (11/5/12)”.

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