A Life in the Day (The Eternal Present)

“Today is the Tomorrow I was talking about Yesterday…”

Photo by Maggie Begley

I recently made up that line, and I love it, because it really does remind me that every single moment represents an Eternity. That’s why it’s so important to stay Truly Present!~ Better not to be in such a rush…unless you’re simply going with the flow ~

We are all slaves to time and man-made clocks and calendars, more so now than ever before. That’s how we keep order in a man-made world. I’m all for that. After all, I’m one of those people who is very organized and has her schedule memorized, posted on 3 different sources just for good measure. I’m sure to spend a little “quality time” each night, curled up in bed with said “sources.” When I awake and plan my day again (usually in the middle of the night), I conscientiously pre-plan and pre-calculate all of the details, making lists and checking them twice. I especially want to avoid being late or uncomfortable later on…If I’m not 15 minutes early to everything, that qualifies as running late!

I’m so good at time management, I gave up wearing a watch long ago. It’s just my nature, one of the ways I cope with the world at large, and how I compensate for my (ether and earth) issues of wanting to be “perfect” and feeling “responsible” for meeting the needs of everyone and everything on God’s Green Earth…Talk about a heavy burden.  I know some people cope and compensate by swinging in the opposite direction. When “opposites” such as these come into contact with one another, conflict and discomfort is often a result (especially when the conflict occurs within your own self!). But I digress….

The Divinity within Nature takes that burden from me. I think one of the reasons I enjoy a bright full moon, a heavy rainstorm, or a sudden “trembler” (you CA folks know what I mean), is that it becomes quite “loud and clear” to me just who’s the “Boss!”

We shouldn’t ever lose sight of the fact that we are animals, mere human beings, who, try as we might, cannot and should not, control EVERYTHING! (Our vision is much too small for that.)

The Boss” beckons us, lest we forget that we are spirited animals, sons and daughters of Mother Nature. Abusing that fact, by belittling our own cycles and rhythms, and ignoring our innate Divinity leads to an unbalanced world full of unbalanced inhabitants!

….Oh Lordie, have Mercy on Us…

As we venture forth into 2011:

🙂 May we learn to treat every moment as the Present that it is! 🙂

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2 Responses to A Life in the Day (The Eternal Present)

  1. souldipper says:

    I’d love to think I’m getting wiser, more mellow, more spiritual and less time controlled. However, Maggie, I strongly suspect that I’m merely aging! 🙂 Truly, I feel that experience has given me a whole new set of priorities. I would love to think that good stuff was all in there naturally and fully. But we creatures of this earth do have to experience to thrive.

    May you have many good experiences in 2011, Maggie. Thanks for all you share.


    • I’d like to think the same is becoming true for myself dear Amy…wiser, mellower, more spiritual, and aging…I think we become softer and more pliable over time, in a more healthy way. I’ve heard this time and time again, that women start feeling like they’re “coming into their own” starting in their 40’s, and thus feeling more liberated. That could have something to do with hormones as well. But as you said, I think it comes from the experience of years of living and having to let go. Thank goodness I’ve actually loosened up quite a bit! The last vestiges include my calendar compulsions and punctuality fixation. I’m realizing as Jane Fonda said, “It’s not about being perfect; it’s about being whole.” Thank you for your well-wishes! I need them! 🙂


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