What is (Advanced) Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine:  From the 1995 book, Bodywork, by Thomas Claire (Page 247): “Energetic bodywork is on the cutting edge of modern thought, where scientist, mystic and sage meet. Practices grouped under this heading have a common goal of influencing a subtle invisible, electromagnetic flow of energy that surrounds and infuses the body and that is referred to as the human energy field.  This life energy is known variously as chi’i (Chinese), ki (Japanese), prana (Sanskrit), orgone (Reichian therapy), and bioplasm (Soviet research).  Energetic bodywork approaches represent contemporary interpretations and synthesis of age-old practices that are descended from a variety of healing traditions, including Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, Tibetan Buddhism, and Western metaphysics.  They are complemented by contemporary insights gleaned from quantum physics, the burgeoning field of psychoneuroimmunolgy (PIN), depth psychology, Western medical practice, and modern consciousness research.”

Dr. Stone (Image via Google)

Polarity Therapy:  A form of energy medicine developed in the 1950’s by Randolph Stone (1890-1981) an Austrian-born naturopathic, osteopathic and chiropractic doctor. Dr. Stone traveled widely and researched eastern philosophies and modalities extensively.  As a result of his research, Dr. Stone defined a “wireless anatomy” of polarized energy pathways in and around the human body.  He based his new findings on seeing traditional medicine in the context of modern physics, primarily as polarized electromagnetic energy.  This provided a modern explanation for the principle that it is the dynamic tension of energetic opposites which creates and sustains our universe.  (All nature, in fact manifests a polarity between positive and negative charges, with an intermediate neutral area.  All energy, whether positive or negative, is neither good nor bad.  Energy simply “is”).  The human body, then, is also comprised of these positive, neutral and negative poles, which exist in various zones throughout the body.  It is the magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion between these poles that propel the circulation and flow of life-sustaining energy in the body.  The art of polarity therapy lies in balancing the rhythmic flow of energy between these poles, thereby promoting and restoring health.  Dr. Stone named his approach “Polarity Therapy” because it is based on the premise that these vibrating fields of polarized electromagnetic energy within the body can be affected therapeutically by human touch and attention.  When we experience emotional, mental or physical trauma, the electromagnetic charge of the bodily tissues is altered, disrupting the polarity and causing blocks.  If these blocks are left untended, illness and disease are likely to develop, as well as feelings of mental and emotional imbalance.  (Taken in part from Bodywork).

Dr. Metz (Photo by Maggie Begley)

Advanced Energy Medicine ~ Dr. Richard Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory and Therapy:  Dr. Metz started with Polarity Therapy and Dr. Stone’s approach of understanding traditional medicine in the context of modern science, primarily electromagnetic energy.  Stone’s Polarity model did not include acupuncture or jin shin meridians, nor did he provide a scientific description of spirit/mind/body connections.  The Fundamental Field does these things. Dr. Metz has organized his thinking in such a way that he can describe simply, and access vast amounts of information, relatively quickly and easily according to how he thinks and knows the body works.  He understands the intricacies of our systems’ interconnectedness and therefore he knows the meaning behind what he does.

Dr. Metz’ brand of energy work is one that he has developed through 30 yrs. of education, research and training in psychology, chiropractic, polarity therapy, acupressure, quantum physics, systems theory, mind/body medicine, a successful private practice, and a highly integrated intuitive sense.  His work is groundbreaking in several ways.  It theoretically unites the formerly separate healing disciplines of energy medicine – ayurveda, acupuncture/acupressure, jin shin and polarity therapy — all branches of the same family tree.  By integrating these disciplines into one therapeutic approach, Dr. Metz has created a distinct method which is as efficient as it is effective.  It is based on a scientific theory that he has developed which illustrates exactly how our body, mind, spirit and emotions are energetically intertwined, and how we as humans are connected to the spiritual and physical realms of creation via a specific energy pattern he’s named the Fundamental Field (FF).

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