Dolphins are Cultural Animals Too

Creative Genius
(Image via Google)

Talk about learned and shared behavior
(a.k.a., culture):  The dolphins in this video are making an amazing cultural display right before our eyes, giving us a whole new perspective on the phrase, a school of dolphins! What intelligent, imaginative, creative, playful, graceful and social creatures they are. There is STILL SO MUCH that animals, and the natural world, can TEACH US.

The ability for we humans to speak with words doesn’t necessarily make us better, nor does it make us more evolved than other creatures. The fact that we CAN self-reflect does give us a definite edge towards spiritual advancement, but only when we use that skill to our ADVANTAGE. Having humility, compassion and reverence towards other sentient beings, can only help us to that end. (And if we could only learn to blow bubbles like that, and not just blow smoke :)).

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6 Responses to Dolphins are Cultural Animals Too

  1. contoveros says:

    This made my day. OK, it’s not quite 6 am yet, but I will have this image of bubble-blowing dolphins the rest of the morning, afternoon and night as I go through a group meditation, get treated for back stiffness and attend a meeting involving “angels,”

    Hope to share it with all. Starting first with a woman who conducts “Sound Baths” with Tibetan Singing Bowls, and swims with dolphins in Florida.


    You’re pretty intelligent for a human, yourself, you know!

    michael j


    • Synchronicity strikes again! Wow, 6:00 am, I’m not a morning person so it’s hard for me to relate to that. I can relate to the part where those dolphin images are going to stick with you. I’m still marveling. I don’t know if I’m as smart as a dolphin, but I guess I’m doing alright, for a human :-).
      Thanks michael j


  2. Thank you, micheal j, for your help with how to post a photo like this one. Now I need to know how you get those “like” buttons you have on your site. I chose one from, but it’s obviously not the right one.


  3. contoveros says:

    Alleighluha . . .

    Not quite sure of the spelling, but you get my drift. Nice to see it working for you. Fun, ain’t it?

    michael j


  4. Check out this link regarding Dolphins.


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