As Technology Advances, Deep Reading Suffers

This has been on my mind lately, for obvious reasons. Ironically, or not, I got this link from a friend’s Facebook posting.

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2 Responses to As Technology Advances, Deep Reading Suffers

  1. contoveros says:

    “Help me,” cried the Wicked Witch of the West. “I’m melting.”

    Sounds like the audience of “deep” readers that you and I believe want indepth thoughts and reasoning. We’re melting away, disappearing from the stage. And most of the young people — professionals among them — don’t seem to want any more than to press their thumbs, rapidly sending abreviated messages to and fro over cell phones.

    No time for long involved sentences, let alone paragraphs. If you don’t get your message out in three or four lines, you might lose the person on the line.

    Perfect for those with ADHD. Are we aiding that disorder with our technology? Letting it flourish with quick bursts of attention that have little, if any, staying power to read more?

    I don’t know. I do like the old-fashioned way of letting thoughts “arise.” That’s where creativity comes from. Inside of us, when we let ideas perculate and bubble up to the surface providing the perfect brew for a morning wake-up or a dinner’s flourishing finish.

    Let me write it out and take as much time as I need to see it flow and become something more than what I initially intended it to become.

    You just can’t do that with a text message. Don’t have the room, or the time.

    Thanks for this link. Very thought-provoking. Always good to write and get out of the way for a thought to flow properly.

    michael j


  2. michael j, I’m sorry I don’t have time to read this right now, too long :-).
    Honestly, I’m worried I’m developing ADD. I move on very rapidly too now (though it’s not really my nature, maybe a learning disability exacerbated by rapid technology and rampant misspellings? I always was sort of weak in retention and comprehsion). Garrison Keillor had a great piece in last week’s paper about the demise of the thrills and chills of old-fashioned authoring and getting published, etc…

    We just have to hold tight and hope that noone throws a bucket of water our way anytime soon. Sometimes being “bad” can feel so good…And there are plusses to this “dark side” too, as we are now engaging in, but who knows how long we can sustain it? We might have to bring in the flying monkeys.


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