Birth of Gratitude

As I understand it, according to Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory, the Fundamental Field Pattern of Life-Energy instantaneously manifests and unfolds at the moment of conception. It is the blueprint of what will become the physical body.  It contains the subtle energy patterns brought to us by our parents. At around 9 weeks, it is thought that the personal soul then enters into the Field with it’s own energy patterns.

On the topic of conception, the following was emailed to me by a client-friend and I thought it was interesting & worth sharing:

“Allow Gratitude to guide you through NOW to the moment of your conception, your earthly Being-ness.

As you journey through to the beginning of YOU, let Gratitude
be your guide, remembering a state of perfection, purity, and
one-ness with Source.

One might be surprised to realize how many times the physical
body re-creates itself through Gratitude. So it IS with our
energetic, intellectual, and spiritual Selves, too.

You’re beautiful, baby! Go Gratitude!

Imagine this Beloved Union happening within YOU – one beating true with Love and Gratitude. Feel this pure state of emerging Life bridging here with NOW, re~birthing *you*, US, everyone into a state of Grace, through the power of Gratitude.

Conception: Two cells merge, form a ‘vesica piscis’ – a deeply
sacred shape where the centres of two spheres or circles bisect
each other. Next sperm and ova pass right through each other
to become a single cell or zygote. Then, mitosis and the
chromosomes join, then migrate to North and South poles. A tube then forms pole to pole, the chromosomes split and migrate to alternate poles. This is the complete prototype new human. The zygote then splits into four cells and forms a tetrahedron inside a sphere. The next division yields a star tetrahedron/cube in a shape called ‘the egg of life’. These eight cells reside at the perineum – our centre (geometrically) and literally where we grow from. And an important esoteric plexus, besides, on which our energy field fixates. Anyway, eight cells divide into eight more, form a cubewithin a cube. After this, divisions become asymmetrical as we differentiate in all the tiny special little ways that make us, well, special! At sixty-four cells the embryo becomes hollow and the poles grown together and form a tube torus, one end of which will be the mouth, the other, the anus.

So, to sum up: Life begins as an ovum or sphere, becomes a
tetrahedron, then a star tetrahedron, a cube, another sphere,
and finally, a torus.

(Note: the symbol of Gratitude is a tube torus, too! wow!)

World Gratitude Gathering~ Aligning with the Heart’s calling and Embracing the Great*full*ness of Life! ~ World Gratitude Gathering is a project of Go Gratitude – a global service organization dedicated to empowering Wisdom, One-ness and a Great-full heart!

Go Gratitude, 16420 s.e. McGillivray # 103-842, Vancouver, Washington 98683-3461, USA”


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