Tattoo Therapy: The Catharsis of Being Tattooed

Where deep pain, artistry & hope coincide… inside -> out:



Tattoos have a long history as an art form, with the oldest evidence of a tattooed body being dated at about 3,000 B.C. Despite its enduring presence, only a few short decades ago tattoos were considered to be reserved for a subculture of military and biking men. Now it’s made a return to the consciousness of popular culture, with about 36% of individuals aged 18-25 sporting the permanent art. This rise in popularity and deviation from tattoo culture’s traditional place in hypermasculine expression is partially the fault of the same factors that influence most millennial trends: social media and television. Television shows such as Miami Ink brought the beauty and attainability of tattoos to living rooms, and artists now have platforms with millions of followers to showcase their enviable work. But tattoos hurt, sometimes a lot, so why are so many individuals flocking to the needle drawn art form?


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That’s your fortune, cookie.

Cookie knows best, thanks for the reminder:  NATURE, TIME & PATIENCE.

In that loopy fine line of health & sanity, may wellness swiftly gain traction & take the win. I’m betting on it. I’m all in. 

Deck me with the full suit. 
Needed in spades, precious diamonds, tenderize my clubbed heart.

No winners & no losers be. In this game, each uniquely we. 

There’s nothing left to lose, except my perfect poker face. 

May Supreme Fortune Reign:

All Three.

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I gladly Reblog in honor of Indigenous Peoples & our lifeblood of Nature in Brazil & everywhere. And all those special souls who protect & defend.

By Beth Doane, Features Editor

A shaman once told Zoe Tryon that her life purpose was to walk between two worlds. Enthralled, she followed her calling and for the past decades has inspired thousands across the globe with her grace, courage and fortitude, as she fastidiously works to protect the Amazon and its indigenous people.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.04.17 AMThe daughter of British aristocracy, Lord and Lady Tryon, she was raised in a sprawling estate in the British countryside learning the proper English, blue blood protocol of royalty, celebrity  and global travel. In her heart, however, Tryon yearned for a deeper adventure, fascinated by anthropology and culture. Earning her BA in Anthropology at the University of Sydney, Australia, she embarked on a life change in 2006,  when she was introduced to the President of the Achuar indigenous people.

The Achuar are a remote community who live deep in the Amazon, and Tryon was immediately captivated by their way of…

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Game of Life

Illusion abounds, inside & out. Behind the curtain, words fade & power builds.

Everyone & everything at its own bidding, its own pace, its own unfolding.

Next play to be revealed. 

I know The Divine Universe is supporting my hand, while I sort my cards. Awaiting the inevitable game changer. 

Hope be screaming at me & I be screaming right back…

Life Sentence: The largest pain can lead to the largest gain. 

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What The Doodle For?

Well, when I’m at a loss for words & feel the urge to express myself creatively, I doodle. (Not a euphemism, lol. Keeping it clean). 😳 The Polarity of it is, “Gravity Needs Levity!” 

We all need something where we can disengage our mind from our cares & worries & just ‘be’ while we ‘do’.  I’m sharing my indulgences with you for inspiration, to encourage you in the pursuit of whatever suits.

I like this format because it’s convenient & easy. I can create something that pleases me with no mess in ~3 minutes time. It’s basically digital finger painting. (Let’s get Figital….I’m so corny, & am further dating myself as I say so. Lol).

One of my favorite phrases is, “Little effort, big payoff” & this fills the bill. No high-priced art, just good clean fun. So here we go:


If not doodling, I like to take (iphone) photos…or cook…or dance…

Whatever it is, it has to be no fuss, no muss. Simple mindless engagement.

For a past post on this subject, “Daily Doodles of an Insomniac (A Slideshow & More)” click here.

  • Any art therapists out there?
  • Do any of these doodles speak to you? If so what are they saying?
  • Be it simple or complex, what is your endeavor for stress relief?
  • What is your creative therapy of choice? And why?
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Today’s “Note To Self” (In a fog)



This path looks a little dodgy, full of cracks & patches, with a side of greens & a water trickle. Yep, that about tells the tale. But when will I make the grade, Mr. Mountain Top?
(Photo by Maggie Begley)

I’ve fallen & I can’t get up. I feel like a commercial for my worst case scenario.

This has been a long haul. When weary panic ensues…quiet the voices. 

Note to Self:

“Even though for the last 6 months you’ve felt like a cloistered nun on a vision quest, my dear,  you have no choice but to stay present to your healing process. You must exercise, stillness. Practice Patience, with head held high in the clouds of unknowing. You shall over come. You have displayed Courage, by submitting to that which you’ve been gifted. Let Gratitude be your platitude. Surrender, your saving Grace. Compassion & Acceptance, your wound-poultice.

You are safely protected. Bit by bit, you will suddenly see. You will emerge from the underground tunnel with a pop. You will get the green light from the setting sun as the old you fades away into the ‘dark night of the soul’ (Q & A with Eckhart Tolle on the subject). A new day is dawning, mixed metaphors & beloved cliches fully exposed.

Muddy & triumphant, your Spirited Soul WILL make it to the Promised Land. Fractal parts unfractured. With all three bases having been contacted (& it IS a contact sport), you will score a home run on home turf.  Your Fundamental Field® of dreams. Live it & share it.

You are in good company as you encounter many a fellow ‘S.A.S.S.I.E.’ along the way. One step up at a time, by crawl or by fall, you will all go the distance. Long distance on the fast track, sprint included. No hurries, no worries, at any pace it’s a win-win. Stay on track. Go Team.” 


This image is dedicated to my dear friend, Kathy Emery (RIP), a teacher who schooled me in the wonders of the green flash at sunset. You can see this phenomenon evidenced in this photo. This is the first time I’ve seen it as a green dot refracted on the ground, as opposed to a flash at the horizon. It’s as if to say, “Stay grounded in the Light”.
(Photo by Richard Metz)

Click here for more info on the ‘green flash‘ at sunset. 

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A Life in the Day (Now. And Then.)

Time, she fleets.

On the Western front we’re already two months into our first trimester, & counting. 🍀🍀🍀  With every passing second we are the youngest we are ever going to be. That is an important & sobering thought, one which we hear more clearly as time whispers on. And cries out Every New Year. Faces change. Facades change. Family leaves. Friends pass. It’s hard to let go.

If time teaches us anything, it’s that anything & everything can change on a dime. For me it has been a fistful. I am currently in the most challenging season of my adult life. Fallout is a solitary experience with global ramifications, & vice-versa. A phenomenon as unique to us individually as it is universally.

So let’s flip for it, fear or hope, what will it be? Depending on the day, I can see one, & sometimes the other, or both. Only two sides seem simplistic, but maybe those are the only two that matter when our banks burst? Like with anger, fear can give us information about ourselves…our strengths, our weaknesses, areas that need our love & attention.

Hope is the light that propels us forward in fear’s darkness. Hope is our savior when we are held hostage in dark places. I cling to the hope that my next series of big changes are going to be as a result of facing my challenges head on, with faith that I will evolve to a better version of myself, coming from wholeness…from health not injury, to a place where I can better serve & love others without self-detriment.

Thus, I am choosing to adopt this revelation as my resolution, one flipping blip at a time:

“With every passing moment, let me see the Divine Love that comes with each Present.  It IS there with every coin cast in my path, be it clearly written on the surface or a lesson deeply imbedded. May my path grow me, in ways everlasting.”

  • What are the coins that have landed in your path, now & then?  Famine or Plenty?
  • And what is your resolve…your approach for maintaining balance in the face of change? 
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